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We are a team of Medical Marijuana Doctors who are on a mission to serve people with the best healthcare services. Our team believes in the potential of medical cannabis and wants it to reach the people that actually need it. Cannabis has long been difficult and inconvenient to access.

We are committed to helping our patients get access to quality medical cannabis products without any hassles. And that is why we developed this telemedicine portal. Our motive is simple - Provide patients with the care they deserve at the convenience they require. We provide 420 Evaluations that help patients gain access to a Medical Marijuana Card. This is how they gain access to a number of medical-only dispensaries in the state of California.

Dedicated To Helping Patients

Medical cannabis can be the medication you need. And we want to bridge this gap between you and your treatment that has existed for all these years. A 420 evaluation enables you to gain access to benefits like a tax break, higher grow and possession limit, and access to more dispensaries. If you come to get an MMJ card from us, here is what you get.

420 Evaluation
Your Preference

Your preferences are our mission. We dedicate ourselves to help you in whatever ways possible.

420 Evaluation Chino Hills

We are always available to help you with the assistance you need. Contact us if you have any queries.

420 Evaluation Chino Hills

Our process is developed to ensure that you get the services without going through any hassles.