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April 01, 2020

MMJ Doctors Suggest Healthy Tips to Halt the Covid-19 Spread

While everything is under lockdown, there is one thing that did not face any impact economically. And that is cannabis. Somehow it is turning out to be a commodity that coronavirus failed to destroy. Are you thinking that I am exaggerating? Well, the numbers say otherwise. The marijuana sales are booming, with most states recording a 20 percent spike in the numbers. It is one of the primary reasons that a lot of patients are looking for MMJ doctors to obtain the cannabis card online.

But, why such a sudden change in dynamics?

Well, the answer is very simple. It’s because Americans are preparing to stockpile their favorite stocks for months, in case the lockdown period extends. There is so much increase in the demand that marijuana sellers are staffing up, hiring the workers to meet the needs.

Picture this. While the world is going crazy to fight against the virus, Americans are relying on marijuana to pass this moment of crisis. But that’s just one side of the coin. A lot of people are raising questions about the use of marijuana, edibles, THC, and even CBD amid the public health crisis. So, MMJ doctors are suggesting their patients and other marijuana users adopt these healthy tips for containing the spread of Covid-19.

Follow These Healthy Tips to Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus Attack

Coronavirus Attack

Ideally, cannabis users are quite laid back and “go with the flow” types. While that might be a good thing in standard situations; however, if someone continues with the puff-puff-pass culture amid this viral attack, things will get out of control pretty quickly. The sharing of vapes, pipes, or blunts alone can put everyone at higher risk of contracting the viral attack. So, the best marijuana doctors ask their users to stop sharing their supply with anyone for the time being. And if someone gives you a side-eye, give them a friendly elbow bump instead.

And if you have any form of respiratory infection, smoking weed is something that you must avoid at all costs, especially if you have contracted the novel virus. While it is true that CBD and THC both have therapeutic properties that can help provide analgesic or anti-inflammatory effects, the research is still limited to confirm the same for the management of the Covid-19 attack. So, MMJ doctors often ask their patients to smoke and vape during an active infection. Or else it might start acting as a lung irritant.

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Remember: You can still go for a cannabis card online to manage your current debilitating conditions. However, switch to other healthier options for the time being to avoid any respiratory tract infection.

General Etiquette

Covid-19 spreads via any direct contact. Although it spreads via exposure through respiratory droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze, the infection is not at all airborne. People are only at high risk if they come in close contact, i.e., within six feet of such people. So, CDC, WHO, and even the best marijuana doctors online recommend the following steps.

  • Make sure to avoid all the contact with people who are sick. However, waving or smiling at a distance won’t have any impact.
  • Never touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. And it’s time that you stop shaking hands.
  • If you have a cold or cough, make sure to use a tissue for coughing or sneezing. And if you don’t have access to that, cough into your elbow.
  • Clean or disinfect surfaces of the surfaces with regular spray or wipe it out. Avoid touching any public surfaces while you are out.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with a bar of soap for at least 20 seconds. It’s a valuable exercise to prevent the spread of this virus. And if you have a child, you can try “Baby Shark” while making them clean their hands.

Final Thoughts

Everyone is going crazy in this moment of crisis since they are forced to adopt a lockdown. Things might get a bit messier with companies trying to cash-in such a public health crisis by introducing “cure-all” solutions such as sesame oil, sea rocks, vitamin D, or Jim Bakker’s Silver Solution. The internet is filled with such false solutions creating a stir across the world. Also, claims regarding CBD will be effective against the virus are also not true since there is no supporting evidence as of now.

Therefore, you should not stop yourself from getting a cannabis card online. But, the idea should be to manage your current debilitating condition. It will be of no use to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 virus. MMJ doctors advise not to fall prey to such hysteria. Also, masks are essential when you have an infection. Not everyone requires this thing until and unless they are infected.

Cannabis card online

February 11, 2020

Is Cannabis a Sure Shot Remedy For Overcoming Depression?

A depressive disorder is not a rare phenomenon anymore. Celebrities, famous personalities started talking about their hardships on different platforms. But, the thing that makes this condition far worse than any other debilitating condition is acknowledging the fact that you have one. And the other being the use of antidepressants to deal with this condition. The type of medications that might cause addiction or withdrawal symptoms. That’s why seeking other options might help. That’s how cannabis card online might help. 

At this point, you realize that I might be selling the idea of using cannabis as an antidepressant. Well, it’s not me talking. Instead, it’s scientists who believe that including marijuana into your therapy sessions might turn out to be an ideal treatment for you. Fortunately, marijuana strains and other products have shown results to improve depression quickly without any withdrawal symptoms. Can this be true? Let’s find out now. 

How Does Marijuana Help to Overcome Depression?

Can marijuana motivate you? Will it help to overcome depression. These questions often make you skeptical about the use of marijuana as an antidepressant. But, experts say it does help with depression. Doctors and scientists confirm that marijuana helps to relieve depression. In fact, they believe that you won’t require any regular dosing regimes and can easily step out of depressive symptoms. The fact that marijuana provides both stimulant and sedative properties makes it popular among depressive patients. And the best part, you can use it in conjunction with other therapies to improve outcomes. 

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What Does Research Tell About Marijuana And Depression? 

Research about cannabis and depression is in its initial stages. But the results are promising. Its function as a mood stabilizer and restoration of the endocannabinoid system back to normal makes it an incredible choice. Scientists at the University at Buffalo are looking into its role as an antidepressant. Most of the studies are in their pre-clinical stages and are working on the mechanisms that help marijuana suppressing the emotions that result in depression. 

So, for now, we can trust that marijuana helps to restore normal levels to prevent fallout. That might ease your symptoms. And ask patients to go for a cannabis card online. 

Understanding Marijuana and Its Best Strains For Motivation 

The primary cannabinoids, THC and CBD, promote different effects on the same condition. Most people talk about THC inducing anxiety while CBD as an anxiolytic entity. CBD is known to act on serotonin receptors that act on lost or damaged cells. So, a strain with high CBD content and lower THC levels will be great. Still, there is no answer as to what strain will spur creativity or will be responsible for boosting your positivity. Experts believe that Harlequin, Northern Lights, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and many others will help you to improve your depression status. However, you will need a cannabis card online to access all these strains. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you are ready to overcome your symptoms using cannabis, the first thing you need to do is go for a cannabis card online. The next thing is to visit a dispensary and ask a budtender to help you find the best products for your condition. Remember that finding the right strain is the first step to getting better. Just make sure to go low and slow with marijuana doses. Or simply go for micro-dosing to reach a better outcome. It’s all boils down to this— a better strain will help you get out of depression sooner. So, choose wisely.