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March 24, 2020

How to Protect Yourself During the Covid-19 Crisis?

The culture of medical marijuana has always been— sharing with your friends and family. It’s not an entity that you will cherish alone. But, the Covid-19 has dramatically changed the mindset of millions of individuals using cannabis as a sharing commodity. Even the prominent lobbying groups and medical marijuana doctors in Chino Hills are encouraging people to take suitable precautions so that you don’t put yourself at any risk amidst this rising pandemic. 

Want to see how it works for marijuana users?

It’s simple. Marijuana users’ traditional practices won’t be helpful since smoking could trigger potential health risks that could be bad during this viral outbreak. Nevertheless, I’ll walk you through the process of keeping yourself safe from any viral exposure. 

Be Aware of the Process 

One of the primary reasons that healthcare officials were unable to contain the spread of Covid-19 was that they were still figuring out how the virus was acting in the human system. Too bad!! It was only later that the CDC announced that the only way to stop the exposure was to avoid coming in its contact. 

Wasn’t that obvious? However, not everyone practices guidelines until it creates some fear. That’s what happened in the case of the Covid-19 outbreak. So, it’s high time you stop your age-old traditions of consuming cannabis to keep up with your immunity. 

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Start Using Your Personal Device

Sharing is caring. The phrase might turn out to be a potential risk of getting in contact with an individual infected with Coronavirus. Yes, you read that right. It’s high time you start smoking using a device that is your own or was never shared with anyone. As per the CDC, Covid-19 spreads through cough, sneezing, or respiratory droplets. if you share your device or use a tool of your known, you might be exposed to their saliva or phlegm containing the virus. 

So, regardless of how careful you are, chances are you can easily let in a certain amount of germs while using that device. Avoid sharing your smoking devices and enjoy the puff virtually for the time being with your friends. 

Yet to buy your first smoking device? 

No better time than ever to get yours since cannabis dispensaries are still working and can deliver your first piece right at your doorstep. 

Cleaning is The Key Element to Contain Virus 

As per the CDC, the possible ways that a person can get infected with Covid-19 is either by touching a surface. Or using the same hand on your mouth, nose, or eyes. One study points out to the fact that this virus might live on a surface for approximately two days. Another research suggests it could stay on glasswares for around nine days. 

So, how can you beat that?

Well, it’s no brainer. All you need is to use effective handwashing techniques to halt the primary exposure to respiratory droplets or surfaces. And that includes cannabis too. A medical marijuana doctor in Chino Hills advises its patients to keep their hands clean before using any cannabis products. So, if anyone offers you cannabis products, make sure that you wash it and your hands entirely with soap and water to avoid any infection. 

And, it does not end here…

You need to apply the same methods when using your smoking devices as well. For example, you must clean your glass or other smoking devices before using them. Go for rubbing alcohol if you want to clean bongs, pipes, or other utilities related to cannabis consumption. However, soap and water are still the best fit when it comes to sanitizing your essentials.

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Go For Other Cannabis Consumption Methods 

If you can limit your exposure to people, it could help you to prevent the infection as well. So, if you start using cannabis deliveries and consider other products, you can contribute to breaking the cycle that is proliferating quickly. Furthermore, banking regulations require using cash for purchasing cannabis, which could be another potential risk for spreading viruses. So, go for options that allow you to use credits until things go back to normal.

You may wonder, is it even possible?

Make sure the person who is handling the product is using gloves sensibly. And that you wash, you use your product cautiously after confirming its standards. You can only take precautions. The rest is not up to you. 

Final Thoughts- Your Safety Matters 

Traditionally whenever anyone talks about cannabis, the first word that comes to anyone’s mind is “sharing.” However, we are in the middle of a crisis where such actions could result in a potential disaster. So, medical marijuana doctors in Chino Hills urge to use safety precautions and good hygiene practices while using cannabis or any other utility critical for your health.

Medical Marijuana Doctor

January 01, 2020

Why You Should Work in The Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis industry is growing rapidly. And this growth can be seen easily as more states are considering to legalize the use of cannabis. Currently, 33 states have legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes. But, according to some reports, this number is going to increase by 2021. The biggest reason for the growth of this industry is the medical benefits of cannabis. Cannabis is known to help in treating many health conditions including arthritis, Parkinson’s, cancer, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Anyone who suffers from any of these conditions can consult a medical marijuana doctor to seek help. By getting a recommendation card from the doctor, the person can buy medical cannabis from a legal dispensary.

All the cannabis products in a dispensary have a similar journey. First, the plants are grown and harvested. Then they are transported to the dispensaries. All these things offer many job opportunities for people. From entry-level positions to management jobs. Also, you can work in the farms where the harvesting is done or in dispensaries. You can work as a harvester, delivery partner, production manager, budtender, or a security guard. 

Why You Should Consider Working in The Cannabis Industry?

There are plenty of good reasons for working in the cannabis industry. First and the biggest reason is that the cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and it’s not looking to slow down in the near future. As more states are considering to legalize medical cannabis, it is safe to say that the employment opportunities will increase in this economic sector. 

The second reason why you should be getting a job in the cannabis industry is that you can very easily earn a good salary. Even if it is an entry-level position. Since it is a new industry, cannabis businesses are looking for employees. However, you need the experience to reach a management-type position, but you can grab almost every other position. Another advantage of working in this industry is job stability. 

You can easily find a job as a bud trimmer, especially if you are looking for this job in a state where growth is more. Also, as the industry is growing, more businesses are opening, which offers more jobs for qualified workers. 

How to Invest in The Cannabis Industry

The rapid growth of the industry also attracts investors as there are a lot of opportunities. If you are not sure whether you have investing skills or not, it can be hard to figure out the right investments. But, if you go with the right strategy, you can get very successful.

Purchasing stocks in a cannabis grower can be a great investment. It’s advisable to invest in the supply side we are talking about a product like cannabis. You can find a lot of grower stocks that you can choose to make a purchase. Invest in a grower that is growing slowly and has not grabbed much attention from other investors. Because as the industry grows, the demand for cannabis will also increase. This will increase the value of your stock significantly.

You can also invest in dispensaries. Purchase the stock in a company who is owning and operating the dispensaries. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, you can also own a dispensary.

Final Words

If you want to use cannabis for your health condition, medical marijuana doctor can help you choose the best cannabis products.

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing economic sectors, making corporations take notice and investing their money into the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is ready to explode, you still have time to get into the industry. Whether you decide to work in it or just make investments, it will surely turn out to be a good decision.