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March 03, 2020

Hash and Weed: Are They Same or Different?

Marijuana hype is no joke. Research, as well as anecdotal evidence, has proved the beneficial effects of marijuana. That ranges from serious ailments like Parkinson’s disease to common ones like skin rash. This is why, patients, as well as common people, love using marijuana. 

But, not all of them use the same type. 

Getting marijuana is not like going to a department store and buying yourself a bag of chips. It has such a diverse range that you can get severely confused.

For example, some types are legal, while others are not and require online 420 evaluations and a medical card for use. Similarly, some are psychoactive, while others are only medicinal. This is why it is important to be aware of the different aspects of marijuana before use.

So let’s begin our understanding of various types with two of the most common kinds. Weed and Hash.

Similarities between Weed and Hash

Weed and Hash are a product of the same plant called, Cannabis Sativa. This is why they are similar on several levels. Here are some of them.


Both have a good amount of THC and thus similar effects on the body. They work by affecting the endocannabinoid system and activating the CB1 and CB2 receptors. So you can expect effects like slower response rate, change of perspective and difficulty in comprehension after consumption of either of the substances. 


Weed and Hash can be consumed in similar ways. You can either inhale it by smoking joints or bongs or ingest it by converting them into edibles. 

Difference between Weed and Hash Production

How is weed produced?

Weed is made from the dried buds of female cannabis plant. After the plant starts flowering, the plant is allowed to dry. Then the buds, stems or leaves are cured by placing them into glass jars. The result is a green or grayish substance that we know call weed.

How is hash produced?

The main component of Hash or Hashish is a gooey substance called resin. It is obtained from crystal-like formations of the cannabis plant called trichomes, which is actually the main storehouse of cannabinoids and terpenes. These trichomes can be obtained from the cannabis plant using different methods like heat, sieves, rubbing between palms or by drying the plant. 


Weed is mostly available in shades of green with purple or orange tints at times. As for Hash, it is usually on the darker side of the color spectrum. A less concentrated type is usually yellow while a higher concentration can lead to a brown or even black color. You can easily differentiate between the two as weed looks like a dried part of the plant. And Hash is turned into stiff balls or blocks.


Since the main component of Hash are the trichomes, it can turn out to be more potent than weed. While both can give you a euphoric feeling, the level of THC is both can vary significantly. On average, weed has about 15 to 30 percent THC while Hash has 20 to 60 percent THC. These percentages vary on the type of strain used and also the technique of production. And this goes without saying since Hash is more potent, you need a smaller dose than Weed for effects.


Weed is characterized by a fresh, herby and more aromatic flavor. You can also taste several flavors in weed, like chocolate and coffee. Since Hash is a more refined form of the cannabis plant, it is less aromatic and flavorful. This is because most of the smell and taste gets lost during the refining process. But still, you can expect a sweet or spicy flavor from Hash, depending upon its concentration. 

Now you know some similarities and differences between Weed and Hash. So if you ever come across these two types, you know which one to choose.

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