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Medical Marijuana Card

February 20, 2020

Keep These Things in Mind Before Using Cannabis Topicals

CBD topicals are slowly getting very popular and for all the good reasons. They can help you in pain relief, reducing inflammation, and healing dry skin. You can find many forms of cannabis topicals on the market. Like cannabis-infused balms, lotions, oils, and rubs. These products enter into the tissues of your skin and soothe pain or irritations. However, if you are looking to buy a product with high potency, you will need to get a medical marijuana card first.

Now, you can also buy various cannabis beauty products also on the market. But why do these products work so well? Our body has an endocannabinoid system of its own. There are many CB2 receptors all over our epidermis. When CBD enters our system, it connects with these receptors.

Where to Apply CBD Topicals

It is probably the easiest method to consume cannabis. You don’t actually have to consume it here. You can simply apply it to your skin. 

Topicals are used for aches, pains, dry skins, arthritis, and inflammations. So, you can directly apply topical (lotion or balm) on to your skin. Use it directly where you feel the pain, the area that is affected the most. The CBD topical will enter your skin and help in treating the discomfort.

Massaging is Important

When you apply topical on your skin, it’s important to massage the area well. You can ask your loved one to help you with this. Your loved one can massage the affected area with CBD topical. CBD topicals give a soothing effect and it can help in treating sore muscles and stress in your muscles. Topical will also keep masseuse’s hands well hydrated. You can also go for a CBD massage for a full massage.

Cannabis Topicals Can Treat Skin Psoriasis

Anyone suffering from psoriasis can tell you about how irritating and painful it can be to deal with this disorder. The itchy, red skin that happens with this disorder affects around 7 million Americans. But wait, there’s more to this. There can be more serious health conditions correlated with psoriasis. Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. So, how CBD topicals can help people suffering from psoriasis? Topicals can reduce the inflammation associated with psoriasis. They also moisturize the skin that can help in dealing with scaly buildup.

The Right Massage

The most important thing you need to take care of is the ingredients. The ingredients should be of the highest quality and have sustainable sources. Do your research before buying a product. Now, if your lotion has some content of THC, it would benefit you. This is because of the entourage effects of cannabis. But, if you don’t have a topical that contains THC, don’t worry, CBD topical will also do the magic for you.

Summing up All The Benefits

Topicals are natural and can help you in various ways. They can help in relieving pain, inflammations, dry skin, and more. 

  • It can provide relaxation and reduce stress in muscles. 
  • It can also keep your skin ‘young’ and wrinkle-free. 
  • Arthritis patients can also get benefit from topicals. 
  • Another benefit of topicals is that they can combat bacterial skin infections. Also, you won’t have to worry about antibiotic resistance with cannabis topicals. 
  • Cannabis topicals can be perfect for therapeutic massages. Therapeutic massage targets CB2 receptors that will help in reducing inflammation or pain.

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