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June 17, 2020

Can Cannabis Really Help You Lose Weight?

Are you a cannabis consumer? Even if not, you probably have heard the term “Munchies,” which is quite frequently associated with the herb. Yes, you guessed it right. This is that irresistible drive you get after smoking weed that makes you raid your fridge and eat whatever you can find.

Logically thinking, this should add a lot to your weight, right?

However, contrary to this, many cannabis users claim that the plant, in fact, makes them lose weight. And because of this, a lot of them are even applying for an MMJ card in Chino hills and various other places.


But how can a single thing make you eat more and lose weight at the same time? Well, that’s what we are here to find out.

You should note that cannabis may be associated with a lower body weight, but the relationship between these two isn’t as simple as it seems.

Let’s dig deeper.

The Research on Cannabis and Weight Loss

The talk about the relationship between cannabis and weight loss has been around for a very long time. But the main hype came in 2011 after the publication of a review on two surveys on this subject. In that review, the author suggested that people who did not report using cannabis had higher rates of obesity as compared to the people who consumed weed at least three days a week.

Just a few days before the publication of this review, another study, which was done on some young cannabis users, suggested the same thing. 

And most recently, a 2018 theoretical analysis of how cannabis and BMI (Body mass index) are interrelated suggested that cannabis users have lower obesity and BMI.

However, you should note that the research until now only suggests that there is a link between cannabis use and lower weight. The reason behind this link is still unclear. And we don’t have enough evidence to strongly conclude that cannabis can effectively help you lose weight.

Theoretical Reasoning Behind this Effect

Experts have formed various theories regarding the relationship between cannabis use and lower BMI. Let’s see what they are.

Increased Mobility

One of the major reasons for obesity among people nowadays is not moving enough. And this is mostly due to some pain or stiffness. However, if you use cannabis correctly and use the right strains, it can help you relieve your symptoms of pain and inflammation. And this means you can be much more active, resulting in a lower risk of obesity.

Less Drinking

Drinking is also often associated with being overweight. Alcohol, itself, doesn’t have too many calories. But they add up very quickly. Especially when people mix it with other sugary drinks. And this leads to obesity.

However, as per the experts, youngsters, who are into cannabis use, may not consume as much alcohol as those who don’t consume weed. This means they are taking in a lot less calories, which keeps their BMI lower.

Lower Stress

You probably have heard about stress eating. Yes, it’s a real thing. Various studies suggest that a person is more likely to overeat when he is stressed. It is because our mind considers eating a good thing. And this makes us feel happy.

Weed too, as you know, is a stress reliever. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why so many people have applied for an MMJ card in Chino Hills. The research on the herb suggests that cannabis can effectively help people fight off the symptoms of stress and anxiety. And this means they rely less on food to feel happy.

Better Sleep

Experts also say that people who are not able to sleep properly are more prone to being overweight. Sleep deprivation induces some changes to the appetite and hunger regulating hormones. And this makes you eat more.

But cannabis may help you sleep better. Studies suggest that cannabis is quite effective in helping people manage insomnia. Furthermore, as discussed previously, it helps reduce pain and stress, the two main reasons behind the lack of sleep.

Better Metabolism

Scientific evidence suggests that when we consume cannabis, the cannabinoids interact with the CB1 receptors in our body. And these receptors play a major role in our food intake and metabolism.

Consuming a significant amount of cannabis may help you increase your metabolism. And this leads to a lower BMI.

You should note that cannabis doesn’t lead to a sudden loss in weight. However, it may help people control the underlying factors that usually cause people to gain weight. But remember, these are just theories. And we still need to research more in order to fully understand the relationship between cannabis use and weight loss.

What about “Munchies?”

Cannabis is long associated with an unsettling urge to eat. And due to this, the relationship between weed and weight loss leaves a lot of people startled. In fact, according to some recent reports, the sale of junk food, including chips, ice cream, cookies, etc., has increased significantly in the states with legalized cannabis.

But how can you eat more and still lose weight? It just doesn’t make sense.

The studies on this subject are still at an initial level. But experts say that it may be because of the balance between the two major cannabinoids of the herb- CBD and THC.

THC, the compound responsible for the plant’s psychoactive high, also has hunger-inducing effects. And this is the reason why people use high THC weed to stimulate their appetite.

But if we talk about CBD, the effects are completely opposite. CBD is used to counteract the effects of THC, which includes its appetite-inducing and mood-altering properties.

Should you Use Cannabis to Lose Weight?

As per the data above, it may seem that consuming cannabis is a nice way to lose some weight. However, you should remember that we still don’t have any solid evidence in its favor. Cannabis does help you manage certain symptoms, such as insomnia and anxiety, which are responsible for a higher body weight. But the research is still at a very initial level.

Also, you should note that the plant isn’t devoid of dangers, especially when you are smoking it. Smoking cannabis may cause severe damage to your airways and lungs, increases your risk of certain infections and even cancer.

Furthermore, It may weaken your immunity, which reduces your body’s natural ability to fight infections. And then there’s an issue of dependency.

However, you should note that in the case of cannabis, dosage plays a very important role. And all the above things happen only if you consume the herb extensively. So, if you can keep it low, you may use it for weight loss.

Bottom Line

Cannabis has shown the potential to help people with weight loss. However, the research on the subject isn’t very solid. And thus, if you are thinking of applying for an MMJ card in Chino Hills for this purpose, you should talk to a doctor. Furthermore, if you decide on using cannabis for weight loss, we recommend you stay away from smoking. There are many other ways of consuming cannabis that does not have so many negative effects.

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