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March 11, 2020

Can You Overdose on Marijuana? Let’s Find Out

Did you also grow up in a society with a conservative drug view? Then you probably have got your mind filled with a very long list of dangers that marijuana carries. Your teachers and parents might also have taught you about the potentials of its overdosing. And as a kid, you even believed all of it.

But now, things have changed. And there’s a sure shot chance of having a heated debate, the moment this topic comes up. People are even using it as a medicine.

Due to so many health and therapeutic benefits of cannabis, numerous people are now applying for a medical marijuana card in Chino Hills and many other places. It is believed that with the right dose, marijuana can treat so many physical and psychological conditions.

But can marijuana overdose be lethal? Even now, when the herb’s reputation has improved so much, a lot of people believe this myth to be true. But this old misconception about the plant has no solid basis. Let’s see what science has to say in this.

Is Cannabis Overdosing Possible?

While most people associate overdosing with drugs only, it is actually possible with anything. You can overdose on coffee. Overhydration is also an actual thing and is really dangerous. But overdosing isn’t always fatal.

In simple words, as with any other substance, cannabis overdosing is possible. But reaching a lethal level is really hard, if at all possible.

Marijuana Lethal Dose

So, reaching a lethal level is hard. But how hard? Well, how about smoking 1500 pounds of weed in just 15 minutes? I’m not joking. And if you are good at maths, try calculating the number of joints it will take. Take your time. And even if you ever try this, leave THC, the smoke will kill you much before.

Even if you discard the chances of smoke by opting for edibles, there’s still something to consider. You’ll have to ingest 50 grams pure THC. And even then, the chances of you dying of THC would be only 50%. Say, you have the most potent edibles available, even then, the chances of you dying from excessive salt and sugar consumption are more than the THC overdose.

Are you too High?

So, you’re not gonna die. That’s clear now. But there’s still a lot to consider. Even if it is not gonna kill you, it can make your time really uncomfortable. To know if you really are high, look for some specific discomforts. Some may be much more obvious than the others. 

Fatigue is one of the most common effects you can expect while smoking weed. But thankfully, most of the time, this effect doesn’t last more than a few hours. Another prediction we can make is the impaired movement. Though it’s not as bad as with some other substances, you’ll still be stumbling and slumping over things. You may also feel your blood pressure dropping and your heart beating faster.

Overcoming the Symptoms

As already mentioned, the effects won’t last very long. Taking a good nap, if you can, is a great and foolproof way to overcome your high. But if you don’t have the time for that, try getting some food and get hydrated. This can also make your high a lot more bearable. 

But if you can’t do any of the above things, you’ll just have to wait. And if you are way too anxious or paranoid, just get away from the crowd and try to make yourself comfortable. Take some deep breaths and find your way back home (if you are somewhere out).

Just remember, it’s all temporary. You may be feeling uncomfortable, but it won’t last long. And you’ll be fine, very soon.

One Final Tip

Whether you have a medical marijuana card in Chino Hills or not, you can visit a local dispensary and ask the budtender to help you with a strain having just the perfect amount of THC according to your smoking habits. After that, just trust your instinct, and you’ll be fine.

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