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September 12, 2020

Cannabis Can Be Your Therapy For a Bad Mood

Ever since this pandemic started, there is a huge shift in our behaviors. We are heading towards a mental breakdown that seems unavoidable. This produces a natural impact on your moods and finding motivation is tough. Well, online 420 evaluations in Chino Hills can be of great help. They work by giving you legal access to cannabis and allowing you to dive into the benefits of the herb. Cannabis is loaded with properties that can enhance your mood and keep you in good spirits. Before we dive into how cannabis influences mood and emotion, let’s dive into the mechanism of emotions.

How Does The Brain Channel Emotions?

Most people tend to confuse emotions with mood but the two are entirely different things. The brain can be broadly divided into three parts: The Protoreptilian brain, the Neomammalian brain, and the Paleomammalian brain. The Protoreptilian brain is responsible for instincts like reproduction, hunger, and territoriality. The Neomammalian brain is responsible for conscious thought, planning, language, sensory perception, and spatial reasoning.

If we talk about the Paleomammalian brain or the limbic system, it is responsible for emotions, long-term memory, behavior, olfaction, and motivation.

There is a Difference Between Feelings And Emotions

As mentioned before most people seem to confuse the idea of emotions and mood. They think it’s a similar thing but it’s not. Since both are related to the way we feel, the confusion is genuine. Emotion can be best described as a result of various chemical reactions happening in our bodies. This stems from the interaction between serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, noradrenaline, histamine, glutamic acid, and GABA. This creates an emotional response in our bodies.

This whole mechanism is pretty quick. According to Six Seconds, the brain identifies the trigger in ¼ seconds and takes the same amount of time to produce the chemicals. This is evident in the form of emotions that are acute and specific. Now, if we talk about mood, it refers to a state of being. Moods last much longer and can be influenced by factors such as environment, people around you, weather, temperature, sunlight, the food you eat, and the state of health.

Well, although mood and emotions are entirely different, they are interlinked. For instance, if you are in a bad mood, you are likely to experience negative emotions like anger, and sadness. On the other hand, if your mood is good, you will experience happiness, elation, and relaxation.

How Does Cannabis Influence The Mood?

Cannabis produces the necessary effects on the body through its active compounds like THC and CBD. Both these compounds have an impact on our brain chemistry. So, it’s pretty evident that they influence the way we respond to situations. Short term use of THC is known to trigger the release of dopamine and this makes us feel good. The mechanism can be best described as the endocannabinoid system suppressing the GABA inhibitors. Well, it’s important to remember that the favorable results are limited to short term use of cannabis. If you use the herb in excess, your brain responds differently.

The Effect of Terpenes on Our Moods

The terpenes are aromatic compounds that are responsible for the characteristic smell of a particular strain. They are present in fruits, and a variety of plants. So, their effect is pretty evident. If you ever noticed the bud closely, the thin hair-like structure known as trichomes secretes these terpenes along with the cannabinoids. The common terpenes include limonene, linalool, pyrene, caryophyllene, humulene, and terpinolene. 

Myrcene is predominantly present in the Indica strains and produces a calming effect on the body. Linalool which is the primary terpene of lavender also produces a sense of calm in the body. This works in enhancing the mood.

The Effect of Herb Varies 

It’s important to remember that cannabis does not produce the same kind of effects on each individual. A lot depends on the kind of experience you have with the herb and your tolerance. In general, low doses produce effects like alertness, creativity, calmness, euphoria, stress-relief, and better mood. On the other hand, if you dose in excess, stay prepared for the effects like paranoia, sedation, couch-lock, and depersonalization.

So, it’s a better idea if you figure out a dose that works best for you, For that, you need to start with a low dose and test how it affects you. The idea is to use it for enhancing your mood. So, it’s best if you stick to a dose that is suited to bring the much-needed change.

Online 420 Evaluations in Chino Hills Can Help

420 evaluations give you an opportunity to bond with a certified cannabis doctor. When you are planning to use the herb for your health, it’s better to take help from an expert. In the event of this pandemic, this is more important than ever. The doctor can interact with you and discuss the full spectrum of benefits that cannabis offers. He or she will study your symptoms and give an accurate analysis of your health. Accordingly, they will suggest the best line of treatment for you. The cannabis space is huge with hundreds of strains and each one produces a different effect. So, the doctor can help you choose the best one along with its dosage.

In order to get yourself evaluated, you need to contact a certified clinic. During this pandemic, everything is online. So, you should select the one that accepts telemedicine appointments. You might have to do some research and pay attention to the ratings. It gives you a better idea of how a particular clinic is. Pay attention to the certifications as they serve as proof that a particular clinic can be trusted. Once you do that, pin your choice on the one that seems to offer the best balance of price, and services.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card

Once you find the clinic, you can proceed with the process of getting a medical cannabis card. The process is pretty simple and won’t take much time. Follow these steps to get your recommendation:

1) Fill Up The Form

Start by entering your basic details. Along with that, you will have to provide proof of residence and other documents. The clinic will go through your details and link you to a certified cannabis doctor.

2) Interact with the doctor

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your symptoms. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. The doctor might ask you some questions to gain a better understanding of your health. Try to respond honestly as it aids in better analysis.

3) Get Your Card

If you qualify and the doctor approves your request, you are eligible to own a medical cannabis card. So, online 420 evaluations in Chino Hills are actually helpful and can add a new dimension to your whole cannabis experience.

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