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January 15, 2021

Most Exotic Cannabis Strains You Need to Lookout in 2021

Cannabis has been a part of humans’ lives for hundreds of years. And we have discovered different varieties of sativas, indicas, and hybrids throughout these years. Under these three broad categories, you can find a lot of unique cannabis strains. Every strain has its own taste, flavor, and smell, and offers unique effects. Cannabis can be used to help with various health conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, inflammation, and more. So, if you are looking to buy cannabis products for medical purposes, you need to have a medical marijuana card. And with a simple 420 evaluation in Chino Hills, you can easily get that.

With so many strains available, it can be a bit difficult to choose a really good strain for yourself. An exotic strain not only has good effects but also offers distinctive flavor, smell and taste. Well, trying every single strain available on the market is not possible, so here is a list of some of the most exotic strains that you should try in 2021.

1. Snowcap

This well-balanced hybrid strain is 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica and has up to 22 percent THC content. One of the most exotic strains, Snowcap has a very unique look by probably being one of the hairiest cannabis strains.it has dark green leaves with light green buds covered in brown pistil hairs. That’s a really unique difference for a cannabis strain. 

Snowcap offers relaxing and uplifting effects while having a citrusy lemon smell. Due to its menthol flavors, Snowcap has also earned the name of ‘the cool cannabis strain’. Smoking this strain will release a wonderful smell of citrus and lemon. You will be left feeling creative and happy after consuming Snowcap.

2. Malawi Gold 

You can consider yourself lucky if you find this amazing strain. Native to Central Africa, Malawi Gold is a pure Sativa originating from the Salima region of Malawi. You will see beautiful big buds of golden color it produces. Malawi Gold contains 16 percent THC levels, which is enough to offer a cerebral high. This can help people suffering from mood disorders. However, if you suffer from anxiety, try to avoid this strain, as it has very low levels of CBD and a high level of THC; which can promote mild anxiety. Overall, this is a delicious bud that has citrus overtones, making it very fresh and tasty.

3. Bubba Kush

One of the most famous strains you will find on the market is Bubba Kush. And just like any other Kush strain, it also offers heavy tranquilizing effects, that are set to relax you. Talk about THC content, this indica strain contains a whopping 27 percent of THC levels. So, expect a strong high that may make you feel sleepy, or even couch lock you for hours if you mess with its dose. With all that information, it should not be difficult for you to figure out that Bubba Kush is perfect for people suffering from insomnia or stress. So, get cozy and light up this strain, and enjoy the chocolatey flavor alongside its sweet and spicy aromas.

Final Words

There you have it, a list of the best three exotic strains that are set to bring relaxation to your life in 2021. But, every strain affects everyone differently, depending upon your mood, condition, or character. So, keep exploring, and find the best one for yourself.

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November 24, 2020

Cannabis is a Better Option Than Mainstream Psoriasis Medicines

The National Psoriasis Foundation mentions that there are more than 8 million people currently living with psoriasis. The condition is often followed by arthritis, and sometimes even complications of fingernails. Well, cannabis has emerged as a viable option of treatment. So, online 420 evaluations can help you get the legal right to access the herb.

Complications of psoriasis are not just limited to arthritis, people battling the condition can often get anxiety and depression because they are embarrassed by it. So, it also produces a negative impact on mental health. You shouldn’t take this on a light note. 

Psoriasis Medications Are Not Worth The Shot

Psoriasis is often treated with Enbrel and Humira which come with a very heavy price tag and various complications. According to a 2014 study, Humira comes at a price tag of nearly $40,000 and Enbrel for a whopping $46,000 per year. That’s copious amounts of money and can mess up your budget. These TNF blockers work well for managing psoriasis but often produce harmful side-effects. One of them is reducing the body’s ability to fight against diseases and infections. At a time when we are battling a pandemic, you wouldn’t want to reduce your immunity. 

Studies suggest that psoriasis can better be managed by oral health, diet, and cannabis. The herb is natural and does not carry any side-effects. Plus, it works smoothly in the body and even counteracts the harmful side-effects caused by medicines. 

Cannabis is Useful in Managing Psoriasis

A study conducted by the Journal of Dermatological Science mentions that CBD can be effective in reducing the overgrowth of cells thereby reducing psoriasis. So, it emerges as pretty therapeutic. Similarly, a study by Current Clinical Pharmacology shows that cannabinoids show promising potential in managing skin diseases. Cannabis works great in reducing inflammation and pain. So, it can help you in battling the condition with ease. You can get the relief you need and prevent it from spreading more. 

Most useful effects of cannabis stem from the mechanism of the endocannabinoid system. It’s a network of cannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors spread throughout the body. So, when you ingest cannabis, the active compounds interact with the endocannabinoid receptors to trigger the release of feel-good hormones in the body. This channels a state of balance within the body and makes you feel relaxed. 

Online 420 Evaluations Can Help

If you have been taking psoriasis medicines for a while and want to switch to cannabis, it’s a better idea to have a word with an expert cannabis doctor. They have the necessary knowledge and experience with cannabis that allows them to give informed advice. So, you can benefit from interacting with them. They can screen your health and inform you about following the right approach to using cannabis. Along with that, they can help you choose the right method of ingesting cannabis. So, with a cannabis doctor’s help, you can ensure you’re following the right therapy for managing psoriasis. 

Get Your MMJ Card

In order to use cannabis for managing psoriasis, you need to have an MMJ card. It gives you the legal right to access cannabis from state-certified dispensaries. For that, you need to find a 420 clinic. You can do some research, look at ratings, and certifications before you make the final choice. Once you find the clinic, you can proceed with the steps to get your MMJ card. 

1) Apply

Fill the online application form by entering your basic details. The clinic goes through your details and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. 

2) Talk to the Doctor

A certified cannabis doctor interacts with you via video call and discusses your symptoms. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. The symptoms of psoriasis do qualify. 

3) Get Your Card

Upon approval, you get the legal right to get your card. You can use it to access cannabis from state-certified dispensaries. 

So, access the herb and use it to manage the condition of psoriasis.

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October 29, 2020

How to Consume Cannabis Tinctures For Medical Purposes?

Tinctures are quickly becoming a popular smokeless cannabis consumption method. So, without worrying about the harmful effects of the smoke, you can enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana, such as anxiety relief, pain management, etc. This delivery method is perfect for patients looking for low-calorie medication options. Like cannabis flowers, vaping cartridges, and edibles, you can purchase tinctures with different concentrations of cannabinoids from licensed dispensaries. But, for that, you must have an MMJ card. If you don’t have one, apply for online 420 evaluations Chino Hills.

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What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Tinctures are cannabis extracts infused with a solvent, such as alcohol or glycerine solution. Tinctures are available in small bottles with droppers. So, you can easily control the cannabis dose based on your medical needs.

You can consume tinctures directly by placing a few drops under the tongue. So, cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, thus delivering quick effects. The onset time may vary depending on the concentration of THC and CBD. Additionally, you can mix tinctures with foods and beverages.

Research says that tincture effects reach a peak in about 90 minutes. They are perfect for individuals who are expecting therapeutic effects longer than smoking/vaping, but shorter than edibles.

How do Tinctures Work?

When you apply tinctures sublingually, they pass through the blood vessels in the tongue and reach the bloodstream. As a result, cannabinoids present in marijuana interact with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This helps in regulating important functions, such as pain, sleep, memory, mood, appetite, etc. Thus, sublingual absorption provides quick effects, in just 15 minutes.

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If the cannabinoids aren’t absorbed through the tongue, they are processed through the digestive system, just like edibles. As a result, tinctures can deliver a delayed onset of effects. When mixed with foods or beverages, tinctures usually work as marijuana-infused edibles.

It’s important to note that tinctures aren’t without risks. One of the most common side-effects is that tinctures may cause irritation in the tongue. In some cases, tinctures may interact with certain medications, thus causing liver damage, blood clotting issues, etc.

How to Dose Cannabis Tinctures?

Dosing tinctures properly is very important. Using a dropper, you can take tinctures through the mouth. But, take the optimal dose, which depends on various factors, such as-

  • The concentration of CBD and THC
  • Your gender
  • Your metabolism rate
  • The severity of your condition

We recommend you start with a low dose and increase gradually. For instance, if you are using a cannabis tincture with 300 mg of cannabinoids (1:1 CBD:THC ratio). Considering 1 mg per drop, take 2-3 drops initially. Wait for a few minutes, and determine the effects on your body and mind. If you are satisfied with the effects, stop taking tinctures, otherwise, take another dose.

However, you can talk to a board-certified doctor for professional help regarding dosing marijuana tinctures for managing your symptoms.

Get High-Potency Cannabis Tinctures

At medical dispensaries, you can find a wide range of high-potency marijuana tinctures. Different tinctures have different levels of THC and CBD, thus they provide different medicinal effects. So, based on your medical needs, you can buy tinctures.

To access the state-licensed dispensaries, you require a doctor’s recommendation. With telemedicine technology, you can apply for online 420 evaluations at Chino Hills. The process involves three simple steps-

  • Signing up for an account
  • Seeing a doctor online through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receiving MMJ recs in PDF format through email

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Tinctures

Tinctures are cannabis extracts containing alcohol or glycerine as a carrier. They can be used as an alternative to smoking. You can take them sublingually, where they get absorbed through the blood vessels in the mouth. So, sublingual absorption delivers cannabinoids into the bloodstream directly and provides instant medicinal effects. You can also mix tinctures with your favorite foods and beverages, but this way, cannabis may take longer to kick in.

To ease your symptoms completely, you should carefully dose cannabis tinctures. We recommend you start slow and closely monitor the effects on your body. Moreover, buy tinctures with optimal levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.
Apply for online 420 evaluations Chino Hills today.

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October 23, 2020

How Marijuana Affects Body And Mind?

Cannabis has many health benefits. You can smoke it, vape it, or eat it. Medical studies say that marijuana can help patients with various conditions and symptoms. As a result, cannabis use has gained popularity in the past years. So, with online 420 evaluations Chino Hills, you can buy a wide range of cannabis products.

The marijuana plant contains mind-altering compounds, which deliver different effects on the body and mind. Read on to learn more.

It Can Make You High

This is a reason why people smoke cannabis. THC stimulates the brain regions associated with pleasure. It’s a major psychoactive cannabinoid present in the marijuana plant. THC works by releasing dopamine, thus delivering euphoric effects and relaxation.

When you inhale cannabis, THC enters the bloodstream instantly, thus making you high in a few minutes. Usually, consumers experience the peak effects in 30 minutes, and they last for 1-3 hours. However, if you ingest marijuana products, THC is processed through the digestive system, thus taking longer to kick in. Marijuana effects when it’s eaten last 8-10 hours, and even longer depending on the concentrations of cannabinoids.

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It Can Ease Pain

Chronic pain is a common condition among Americans. The CDC estimates that 1 in 5 people in the country experience chronic pain. Marijuana has the medicinal potential to ease pain and inflammation. THC binds to receptors in the endocannabinoid system, thus changing different bodily functions.

Research says that marijuana can be used as a natural alternative to prescription medications for managing pain conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, etc.

Marijuana’s non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD can also help in managing pain. It works by stopping the reabsorption of anandamide, a neurotransmitter linked to pain management. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), CBD is effective in managing cancer chemotherapy side effects, such as pain, vomiting, and lack of appetite.

It Can Manage Anxiety

Anxiety can directly affect the way you think and perform. It can cause sleep problems, excessive worrying, lack of focus, etc. Cannabis can help ease anxiety by stimulating the endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids bind to receptors in the ECS, thus regulating mood, memory, sleep, and other important functions.

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Cannabis is better than anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants. Studies have found that the herb works by impacting the GABA levels as benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines can cause cannabis overdose and may result in death while marijuana use isn’t linked to such risks.

You should avoid mixing CBD with certain medications otherwise you may experience some health issues. For instance, The FDA says that taking grapefruit juice with certain medications can lead to several negative effects.

It Can Make You Feel Hungry

Marijuana can help you boost appetite, thus managing eating disorders such as anorexia. THC interacts with certain receptors, which regulate emotions, sense of smell, etc. According to an animal study, THC binds to receptors in the brain’s olfactory bulb, thus enhancing the sense of smell. As a result, it influences the smell of foods, making you eat more.

Additionally, THC accelerates the process of release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls pleasure and the reward system.

A study published in 2011 found that cannabis helped patients with cancer. Researchers analyzed the effects of THC pills given to participants for 18 days. They noted that 73 percent of the participants improved appreciation for food. And, 64 percent of them improved their appetite.

Get MMJ Recs Online

To buy, use, and possess medical marijuana legally, you must get MMJ recs from a board-certified doctor. Now, you can see a doctor online with telemedicine technology. Here’s the complete process-

  • Sign up for an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor online
  • Receive MMJ recs in PDF format via email

Key Takeaways

Marijuana has the potential to deliver a range of medicinal effects on the body and mind. Studies have found that its cannabinoids are similar to endocannabinoids and can easily bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Cannabis can help ease pain, depression, anxiety, anorexia, and various other conditions. You can consume marijuana through smoking, vaping, edibles, etc. To receive the desired health benefits, buy strains with optimal THC and CBD levels and dose properly.
Apply for online 420 evaluations Chino Hills to access state-licensed dispensaries legally.

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October 07, 2020

Here’s What You Can do if You Get Too High to Sober up

Every cannabis user has a story of the time when they got too high. We have all been through that; we consumed a little too much and then comes the overwhelming high. People use cannabis for various reasons – to just relax and chill out, or for medical purposes. With an online 420 evaluations in Chino Hills, you can get your MMJ card. Whether you are using cannabis for medical purposes or just to relax, no one enjoys the moment when they are too high.

Consuming too much cannabis can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable, even if you are an experienced user. There can be various factors that can play a role when it comes to getting too high. Maybe the edible you ate, kicked in a little late. Or you smoked too much in front of your friends while trying to impress them. Or maybe you were not prepared for the potency of concentrates. Another factor can be your tolerance level; if you have a low tolerance level, you will get high too soon. 

Getting too high can be very uncomfortable even for experienced users. It can even trigger anxiety and paranoia in some people. But don’t worry, we are here to help you. There are certain things that you can do to get sober up from being too high. I have prepared a list of the best tips that will help you sober up. So, let’s get into it.

Tip 1. Do Not Panic, You Won’t Die

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that everything is OKAY. No matter what you may have heard, you will not die because of cannabis overdose. There has never been a report of anyone dying because of a cannabis overdose in the history of ever.

You need to calm down and try not to panic. You have to understand that everything is okay; all the symptoms you’re experiencing right now will soon fade away. The uncomfortable feelings will eventually pass on their own. You just have to ride them out and get through this experience. You may get sweaty or feel a little anxious, but you are not going to die because of cannabis overdose. 

Tip 2. Get Familiar With Your Limits Before You Consume Cannabis

Well, this is more of a preventative measure. This will not help you much once you have already consumed too much cannabis. But you will be able to avoid an uncomfortable situation like this in the future.

It is always better to get familiar with your tolerance levels, and then consume cannabis according to that. I remember when I got too high once; it was really uncomfortable. I went over the top and then had to deal with the consequences of consuming too much cannabis. But slowly I started understanding my tolerance levels. Now I understand how much cannabis is enough for me. This makes my experience with cannabis even more enjoyable. 

While it is better to understand your limits when it comes to consuming cannabis, it is easier said than done. This is especially true if you are consuming cannabis for the first time. But that does not mean that it is impossible. You just have to start slow and pay attention to your dosage. As you start consuming cannabis, you will begin to understand when you feel like how much is enough for you. Also, you need to take special care with edibles as they take longer to kick in. So, make sure you do not eat too many of those tasty edibles too soon. You have to be patient, edibles can take up to 2 hours to kick in. You have to wait to check if you experience any effects, then only think of taking another dose.

Tip 3. Drink a Lot of Water (Keep Rehydrating Yourself)

Never forget one thing, water works wonders! Well, water can help you a lot if you are not able to handle your cannabis high. You must be familiar with the fact that water can help in various non-serious medical issues. These also include headaches and stomach aches. Well, add one more to the list; water can help you when you are too high.

Drinking water helps in improving your hydration. Also, you get to focus on things that are familiar and comforting (sipping and swallowing). This way you will be able to distract your mind from any unpleasant thoughts. Water is specifically very helpful if you are smoking cannabis. It helps you combat one of the most common side effects of smoking cannabis, dry mouth, or cottonmouth. Water will help you rehydrate yourself and keep your mouth from getting dry.

If you want, you can choose any other beverage to drink. I personally prefer apple juice, but you can choose any other cold non-caffeinated beverage. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is to stay away from any alcoholic drink. You need to stay away from alcohol when you are feeling the effects of cannabis too aggressively. Alcohol can increase THC blood concentrations, which will make your situation even worse.

Tip 4. Take Help of Black Pepper

If you find yourself stuck in a loop when you are too high, take the help of black pepper. Yes, this secret ingredient can help you sober up from an extremely high. Even Neil Young supports this. Black pepper balls can help you deal with the paranoia and anxiety during a cannabis high. You just have to chew two or three pieces of pepper balls.

This simple household ingredient that you can find in kitchens is really helpful when it comes to getting sober. You can also sniff on a few black peppercorns to get some instantaneous relief. I know that you are wondering how black pepper can help you? Well, black pepper binds to the cannabinoid receptors present in your body in a similar way as cannabis does. This is how black pepper combines with cannabis and creates a calming effect.

Tip 5. Find a Calm Place to Relax 

This is one of the best things to do when you are too high. Just find a place that is quiet and safe when you are in this uncomfortable situation. But it can sometimes become a little hard to find such a place. This is especially true when you are not at your home.

As I mentioned before, all the symptoms that you are experiencing right now will fade away on their own. You just have to ride them out and try to stay calm. Find a calm place and take deep breaths. Focus on your breathing by taking deep full breaths in through your nose. Then breathe out through your mouth. Focus on your breathing to distract your mind from the uncomfortable situation you are in. Pay attention to the sound of your breathing and try to relax. This will also help in bringing your heart rate down, which impacts on a few symptoms like sweating and anxiety. Trust me, this makes a huge difference in the way you are feeling.

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October 01, 2020

Dosing CBD For Taming a Cannabis High

Cannabis is known for its THC and CBD content. THC is psychoactive while CBD is not. This means the characteristic high you feel is because of THC. While many people enjoy the high, some do not. They feel intoxicated and are not able to digest the high. With a 420 evaluation in Chino Hills, you can know the mechanism of cannabis in your body. Well, evidence shows that CBD is a great option to subside the intoxication of cannabis. 

Well, when you take CBD in combination with THC, there are two possibilities. Either it can dampen your high or boost it. A 2019 study published in the European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, these effects of CBD depend on the dose you take. So, there is a difference between using 300mg of CBD and 4 mg. 

The Dose of CBD Matters

Since CBD is non-psychoactive people don’t pay attention to the dose of CBD. There is surely a visible difference when you take 2 different doses of THC. If the dose is high, the psychoactive effects are more intense. Similarly, CBD affects you differently at each dose. Just like THC, there is a specific dose of CBD that works for your body. This is important for patients who use CBD medicinally. There is a specific dose of cannabidiol that is suited to treat your condition. So, taking random doses is not a good idea. There is no such thing as a universal right dose. In fact, it varies from person to person.

Now, getting back to the 2019 study we were discussing earlier, it compares how CBD affects a THC high when taken in different doses. People who took THC with a low CBD dose felt a more potent high. On the other hand, people who took a high dose of CBD initially felt high but its effects vanished within an hour. So, when you are planning to use CBD to counter the effect of THC, try using it in potent doses preferable through concentrates. 

How Important Are Ratios?

The study surely throws more light on the importance of THC: CBD ratios but we still need more information on using it correctly for health. We still need to confirm whether the dose we are studying reflects the method you are using like vaping, smoking, or ingesting. The low THC and CBD dose were found equivalent to various strains of the cannabis plant. We also need to find whether maintaining the ratio affects differently if you modify the dose. A lot also depends on the individual tolerance level but we still need more research to bring out the full line of benefits. For now, you can use the trial and error method to find your ideal balance. Mix and match to find your ideal dose. 

It’s a good idea to experiment in the following ways: 

1) You can take a high-THC strain and a high-CBD flower. Now, mix them and see how it affects you. 

2) Take 2 parts of THC-tincture and 1 part of CBD-tincture. Try creating different flavors with the same blend. 

3) You can include CBD oils in your dab collection and try to figure out the right combination for yourself. 

In order to achieve more balanced results, you’ll have to take a higher dose of CBD. It’s not just limited to that, you also need to ensure that you limit your THC intake. This will help you achieve a more balanced high that relaxes you to the core. 

420 Evaluation Chino Hills Can be Helpful

When you are planning to try something new, it’s always better to interact with a certified cannabis doctor. 420 evaluation allows you to do that with ease. The evaluation also allows the doctor to discuss your health. The doctor screens your health and detects the issues you are facing. He or she might ask you some questions to gain a better understanding of your health. You should respond with transparency because it aids in better analysis. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. Plus, you can ask the relevant questions about battling THC’S high with CBD. 

The doctor would offer the right line of advice and allow you to dive into a safer cannabis experience. If the doctor approves your request and you qualify, you can own a medical marijuana card. With a card, you get the legal right to access cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries. 

Telemedicine has made the entire process a lot easier. You can sit at home and interact with certified cannabis doctors via video call. This is pretty evident during the pandemic because we need to avoid outside contact and maintain social distancing. 

Get Your MMJ Card

In order to get an MMJ card, you first need to find a certified cannabis clinic. Just go through the reviews and ratings to get a better idea about the clinic’s working prowess. Pay attention to what people have to say about a particular clinic. This gives you a better idea. Along with that, pay attention to the certifications because they serve as a token of trust that a particular clinic is genuine. Plus, you can even compare them on various parameters like affordability, expertise, and reputation. Select the one that suits you best. 

Once you find the clinic, you can proceed with the process to get the card.

1) Apply Online

Visit the clinic’s website and fill the application form by entering your details. The clinic goes through your details and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. 

2) Talk to The Doctor

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your symptoms. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis.

3) Get Your Recommendation

If you qualify and the doctor approves your request, you get the right to own an MMJ card. The clinic sends you the recommendation via email and a hard copy upon request.

Having an MMJ card comes with a large number of advantages. You get legal protection and this means the cops cannot challenge you for possessing cannabis. Plus, you can possess and grow more than recreational users. Plus, you can access a wider range of products. Plus, the age limit to access cannabis reduces to 18. Usually, recreational users need to be at least 21 years of age. 

Bottom Line

420 Evaluation Chino Hills can help you interact with certified cannabis doctors who can educate you about dosing CBD to counter the high of THC. Many people are not comfortable with high. So, combining it with CBD is a great option. Just do it the right way so that you are able to dive into the medical benefits.

420 Evaluation Chino Hills

September 25, 2020

Pandemic Panic: Battle the Blues With Cannabis

The coronavirus took the world by surprise and forced most of us to stay within the confines of our homes. Even though we have entered the relaxation phase, we still have to prevent the virus from spreading. That’s why it is imperative to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and self-isolate. 

While we remain indoors in order to flatten the pandemic curve and stop the spread of the virus, cannabis can come as a blessing in disguise. For those who got a 420 evaluation in Chino Hills to avail of medical marijuana, it is mandatory but recreational users can add some thrill and chill to their otherwise dull and quarantined life.  

There are so many things you can do during the time of quarantine or self-isolation. Especially when you have cannabis to accompany you and keep the pandemic blues at bay. Here are some ideas that work in favor of those who consume marijuana.

Run a Netflix Marathon

Running with a mask on is a huge deal. It might take you some time to get used to wearing a mask while running. While it is uncomfortable and taxing to jog and run you might as well run a Netflix marathon. You can create a list of movies you want to watch or shows you have been putting off for a long time. These shows will be interesting to watch when you are up in the clouds. So, go ahead and take that list out, pick a day, and sit down to watch the movie or the show. 

You can also try a genre you may have ever watched before. After all, it’s all about killing the time. In fact, an interesting classical movie from the Elizabethan era will seem more engaging under the influence of marijuana. But make sure that you stay away from genres such as horror. You don’t want a horror movie to be the buzzkill. If horror works for you, then go ahead and watch one. The only person who can decide is you. 

The amount of content that’s directed towards the audience by biggest entertainment channels such as Hotstar and Netflix leaves no room for you to not find a decent movie or series to watch. There are plenty of shows on Netflix and I am sure binge-watching one show during the weekend will enable you to forget the pandemic blues.

Treat Yourself

It’s always nice to go a little extra and do things that make you feel good about yourself. Quarantine is the best time to indulge in self-pampering activities. You can pick your favorite right now and get on with it. Moreover, cannabis can actually enhance the overall self-indulgent experience. 

As an example, you can try a home mani-pedi or a spa that helps you feel relaxed. To amp up the spa experience add some salt baths to it, play jazz music, or the music that you like, and stay inside the bubbly water as long as you can. If you really want to increase the efficiency of the self-indulgent experience use cannabis-infused bath salts while getting ready to draw a warm bath. 

In addition to this, you can also put a face mask on, take a long shower, and lay down on clean sheets with your coziest night attire. While doing these pampering activities ensure that you choose a cannabis strain that helps you relax and stay stress-free. 

Cook Your Favorite Meal

Cooking with cannabis and cooking under the influence of cannabis are two different things. Making cannabis edibles and enjoying them while watching a movie is another thing you can do. But here we are talking about cooking a fancy meal, which might work for some while not for others. Because either you love to cook or you simply don’t because you have a roommate who always comes to your rescue. So, for those who love cooking, I think we all know that quarantine is the best time to experiment with cooking skills. 

You can try something on the lines of Italian or continental meal. Whatever you think best serves the cannabis munchies. In fact, you can cook while you eat. This will make the experience even more fun and interesting. A three-course meal with a dessert and appetizer will help you enjoy the cannabis high while eating sufficiently. Also, for those who don’t know how to cook, I think this is the best time to get started. Just type cooking lessons for beginners and start cooking food that you ordered in the past. This is also a much safer way to keep yourself away from unwanted contractions. 

Tap Into Your Creative Potential

Those who look forward to tapping into their creative self go ahead and do it under the influence of cannabis. Ensure that you consume the right dose and do not cross the limits because high THC doses can have major side effects. Also, remember that cannabis can actually help you think creatively. So check into your inherent creativity. You don’t have to be a professional, writer, or painter for that. You can simply use a craft kit lying in your room and create new things. If art and craft are not your cups of tea then how about the guitar you bought. It still lies packed and safe somewhere in your room. 

As you know pandemic is the perfect time to catch up on hobbies you gave up due to a busy schedule. So, make sure you pick the guitar and warm up your fingers. Cannabis will only help you enhance the experience. Also, you don’t have an audience, even if you play bad nobody will judge, and on top of it, you will have a good time. 

The same goes for other creative activities you want to choose. As long as you are having fun and expressing yourself through creative notions, everything will seem super fun. Now, grab the opportunity and start filling in blank white paper sheets with color or write a poem about your breakup. 

Clean Your House

A good high will force you to stay on the bed or couch until your body gets rid of all the substances causing the high. However, cannabis is bred differently these days. Some cultivators engineer the strain into a unique version. This way it can meet the requirements of people looking forward to enjoying different kinds of experiences. So, make sure you talk to the budtender before purchasing anything because when it comes to cleaning a couch-locked high will only take you far away in your dreams. 

For cleaning, you might require a strain that helps you stay alert and high at the same time. Just find the right strain, consume, eat, and see the magic begin. Not only will you enjoy the entire cleaning experience but you will actually get into the zone of cleaning. 

We are navigating through uncharted waters and social distancing is the only way to naturally bring the rate of rising cases down. Even though the cities have opened up we are still very deep into the pandemic. On top of it feeling anxious, sad, bored, or angry is natural. If you feel that the pandemic is taking over your mind, body, and soul just try one of the ideas stated above and everything will turn out just fine.

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September 18, 2020

How Marijuana Treatment For Seizures Work?

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, epilepsy and seizures affect around 3 million people of all age groups in the United States. It’s the 4th most common neurological condition. Common symptoms include loss of consciousness, fear, anxiety, nausea, headaches, and spasms.

Some studies say cannabis can help in controlling seizures. Its cannabinoids contain therapeutic properties and are effective in boosting overall wellness. Since marijuana doesn’t cause any side-effects, more patients are opting for it and getting online 420 evaluations Chino Hills.

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What Causes Seizures?

The causes of seizures are often unknown. Medical researchers say that there are many reasons for the development of seizures. These include brain infection, brain injury, tumor, abnormal blood sugar levels, drug abuse, and electric shock. Additionally, genetics may play a role in the development of epilepsy and seizures.

Seizures are divided into three categories—generalized onset, focal onset, and unknown onset. They generate electric impulses in the brain, which can lead to a wide range of symptoms. So, for treating seizures, it’s important to learn about the symptoms and the major reasons behind them.

Medications For Seizures

For treating seizures, the majority of the patients go for medications. The common medications are Phenytoin, Oxcarbazepine, Lamotrigine, Carbamazepine, Gabapentin, Valproic acid, Topiramate, and Phenobarbital.

The Epilepsy Foundation says that medications don’t work for all. In fact, prescription medications help only 70 percent of the patients to control their seizures.

Moreover, medications come with various side-effects. The list includes acne, headaches, hair loss, depression, diarrhea, hepatitis, lack of focus, mood swings, sedation, sleep disturbances, change in appetite, etc. Moreover, some patients may experience a drop in white blood cells and liver failure.

However, over time, patients may develop a tolerance by taking some medications such as Clobazam and Clonazepam.

How Marijuana Stop Seizures?

Cannabis for seizures works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The herb contains more than 100 cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. Different cannabinoids contain different medicinal properties.

Medical studies have found that the endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in controlling the brain’s response to seizures. Cannabinoid receptors in the hippocampus region of the brain control storing and retrieving memories and also emotions. Abnormal changes in this region may lead to the development of seizures. And, cannabinoids in marijuana can help in correcting it.

How does marijuana work in the body? When you consume the herb through any method, its cannabinoids bind to receptors, thus altering various bodily functions. These include memory, mood, appetite, sleep, etc.

Some clinical trials have found that cannabinoids can help decrease glutamate synthesis in the central nervous system. Glutamate is a major neurotransmitter, which can initiate and spread seizure activity in the brain.

Recent research on cannabis oil says that THC and CBD can help in reducing seizure frequency significantly in children suffering from Dravet syndrome. Researchers evaluated participants after 20 weeks and noted a reduction in seizure frequency by 70 percent. Moreover, patients experienced some side-effects, such as fatigue, diarrhea, etc. So, controlling the dose is very important when using cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy and seizures.

According to a study conducted by the University of Sydney’s Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutic, medical researchers found that 75 percent of parents of children with epilepsy agreed that unapproved cannabis medications work for controlling seizures. Additionally, the participants reported an improvement in cognitive and language abilities.

Moreover, marijuana has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which can accelerate the recovery process. The herb can replace pain medications and antidepressants.

Cannabis Reduces Anxiety

There’s some evidence that anxiety and stress can trigger seizures. Marijuana’s therapeutic properties can deliver anti-anxiety effects by boosting the serotonin levels in the brain.

There has been a wide range of researches conducted on marijuana treatment for anxiety and depression. A recent study found that 2-arachidonoylglycerol helped in reducing anxiety between the basolateral amygdala (BLA) and the prelimbic prefrontal cortex (pIPFC). 2-arachidonoylglycerol is an endogenous cannabinoid, which works with anandamide to interact with CB receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system. Cannabis compounds in marijuana function the same way as 2-AG i.e. interacting with the CB receptors. 

Does CBD Work?

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which can help stop seizure activity and improve overall health. On June 25, 2018, the FDA approved the first cannabidiol-based drug named Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures. The medicine is helpful for managing two rare and severe forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome in children aged 2 years and more.

However, multiple placebo-controlled studies reported that CBD performed better than a placebo for reducing the frequency of convulsive seizures. Moreover, researchers have found that using cannabinoids as adjunctive epilepsy treatment has shown a significant reduction in seizure activity. Some high-CBD strains, such as Charlotte’s Web have shown promising results in managing some forms of epilepsy.

According to an analysis published in Epilepsia in 2018, cannabinoids reported promising results in pediatric epilepsy. The research suggests that CBD may help in reducing the seizure numbers by 50 percent.

Choose The Right Cannabis Delivery Methods

Consumption method plays a key role in marijuana effects you receive. While the majority of the patients prefer smoking for immediate effects, it can damage the lungs. Vaping can deliver stronger effects and is safer than smoking. It’s due to the fact that the substance is heated at a low temperature, thus preserving important compounds, such as terpenes.

Other options for consuming marijuana are edibles, tinctures and topicals, which have different onset and durations. It’s good to test different consumption methods, evaluate their effects on your body, and select what works for you the best.

Check With a Professional Doctor

Before using cannabis oil or other forms for treating seizures, it’s necessary to talk to a professional doctor. Have an open discussion related to your condition and ask how cannabis or CBD could improve the quality of your life and impact the effectiveness of anti-seizure medications you are taking. Additionally, you should learn about the negative effects of marijuana use so that you can make the right decision.

As per the Farm Bill of 2018, CBD products derived from hemp plants are legal in the United States. However, hemp-derived CBD must contain less than 0.3 percent THC. 

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Medical marijuana isn’t legal in all US states. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, such as California, talk to a licensed doctor to apply for your MMJ card. Now, you can apply for online 420 evaluations Chino Hills in just 10 minutes. The process involves three simple steps-

  • Quick sign up online
  • Talk to a licensed doctor through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Instant PDF MMJ letter delivery


Anti-seizure medications can help improve symptoms, but they can cause certain side-effects. Marijuana is effective in reducing seizure activity naturally. Its cannabinoids are similar to certain neurotransmitters, which play a key role in regulating memory, mood, appetite, etc. Medical studies show that cannabis can help boost mental health by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain.

Talk to your doctor to discuss your condition and seek advice for strains, dosage, consumption method, drug interactions, etc. Get an MMJ card to access state-licensed dispensaries legally. 
Apply for online 420 evaluations Chino Hills today.

Online 420 Evaluations Chino Hills

September 12, 2020

Cannabis Can Be Your Therapy For a Bad Mood

Ever since this pandemic started, there is a huge shift in our behaviors. We are heading towards a mental breakdown that seems unavoidable. This produces a natural impact on your moods and finding motivation is tough. Well, online 420 evaluations in Chino Hills can be of great help. They work by giving you legal access to cannabis and allowing you to dive into the benefits of the herb. Cannabis is loaded with properties that can enhance your mood and keep you in good spirits. Before we dive into how cannabis influences mood and emotion, let’s dive into the mechanism of emotions.

How Does The Brain Channel Emotions?

Most people tend to confuse emotions with mood but the two are entirely different things. The brain can be broadly divided into three parts: The Protoreptilian brain, the Neomammalian brain, and the Paleomammalian brain. The Protoreptilian brain is responsible for instincts like reproduction, hunger, and territoriality. The Neomammalian brain is responsible for conscious thought, planning, language, sensory perception, and spatial reasoning.

If we talk about the Paleomammalian brain or the limbic system, it is responsible for emotions, long-term memory, behavior, olfaction, and motivation.

There is a Difference Between Feelings And Emotions

As mentioned before most people seem to confuse the idea of emotions and mood. They think it’s a similar thing but it’s not. Since both are related to the way we feel, the confusion is genuine. Emotion can be best described as a result of various chemical reactions happening in our bodies. This stems from the interaction between serotonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, noradrenaline, histamine, glutamic acid, and GABA. This creates an emotional response in our bodies.

This whole mechanism is pretty quick. According to Six Seconds, the brain identifies the trigger in ¼ seconds and takes the same amount of time to produce the chemicals. This is evident in the form of emotions that are acute and specific. Now, if we talk about mood, it refers to a state of being. Moods last much longer and can be influenced by factors such as environment, people around you, weather, temperature, sunlight, the food you eat, and the state of health.

Well, although mood and emotions are entirely different, they are interlinked. For instance, if you are in a bad mood, you are likely to experience negative emotions like anger, and sadness. On the other hand, if your mood is good, you will experience happiness, elation, and relaxation.

How Does Cannabis Influence The Mood?

Cannabis produces the necessary effects on the body through its active compounds like THC and CBD. Both these compounds have an impact on our brain chemistry. So, it’s pretty evident that they influence the way we respond to situations. Short term use of THC is known to trigger the release of dopamine and this makes us feel good. The mechanism can be best described as the endocannabinoid system suppressing the GABA inhibitors. Well, it’s important to remember that the favorable results are limited to short term use of cannabis. If you use the herb in excess, your brain responds differently.

The Effect of Terpenes on Our Moods

The terpenes are aromatic compounds that are responsible for the characteristic smell of a particular strain. They are present in fruits, and a variety of plants. So, their effect is pretty evident. If you ever noticed the bud closely, the thin hair-like structure known as trichomes secretes these terpenes along with the cannabinoids. The common terpenes include limonene, linalool, pyrene, caryophyllene, humulene, and terpinolene. 

Myrcene is predominantly present in the Indica strains and produces a calming effect on the body. Linalool which is the primary terpene of lavender also produces a sense of calm in the body. This works in enhancing the mood.

The Effect of Herb Varies 

It’s important to remember that cannabis does not produce the same kind of effects on each individual. A lot depends on the kind of experience you have with the herb and your tolerance. In general, low doses produce effects like alertness, creativity, calmness, euphoria, stress-relief, and better mood. On the other hand, if you dose in excess, stay prepared for the effects like paranoia, sedation, couch-lock, and depersonalization.

So, it’s a better idea if you figure out a dose that works best for you, For that, you need to start with a low dose and test how it affects you. The idea is to use it for enhancing your mood. So, it’s best if you stick to a dose that is suited to bring the much-needed change.

Online 420 Evaluations in Chino Hills Can Help

420 evaluations give you an opportunity to bond with a certified cannabis doctor. When you are planning to use the herb for your health, it’s better to take help from an expert. In the event of this pandemic, this is more important than ever. The doctor can interact with you and discuss the full spectrum of benefits that cannabis offers. He or she will study your symptoms and give an accurate analysis of your health. Accordingly, they will suggest the best line of treatment for you. The cannabis space is huge with hundreds of strains and each one produces a different effect. So, the doctor can help you choose the best one along with its dosage.

In order to get yourself evaluated, you need to contact a certified clinic. During this pandemic, everything is online. So, you should select the one that accepts telemedicine appointments. You might have to do some research and pay attention to the ratings. It gives you a better idea of how a particular clinic is. Pay attention to the certifications as they serve as proof that a particular clinic can be trusted. Once you do that, pin your choice on the one that seems to offer the best balance of price, and services.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card

Once you find the clinic, you can proceed with the process of getting a medical cannabis card. The process is pretty simple and won’t take much time. Follow these steps to get your recommendation:

1) Fill Up The Form

Start by entering your basic details. Along with that, you will have to provide proof of residence and other documents. The clinic will go through your details and link you to a certified cannabis doctor.

2) Interact with the doctor

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your symptoms. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. The doctor might ask you some questions to gain a better understanding of your health. Try to respond honestly as it aids in better analysis.

3) Get Your Card

If you qualify and the doctor approves your request, you are eligible to own a medical cannabis card. So, online 420 evaluations in Chino Hills are actually helpful and can add a new dimension to your whole cannabis experience.

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July 10, 2020

Cannabis Events Canceled Due To Coronavirus- When Will They Return?

Are you the one who enjoyed the annual in-person cannabis events and gatherings?

Well, as the novel coronavirus caught hold of the world, governments and health officials issued guidelines and policies to slow the COVID-19 transmission. A few of these recommendations include washing hands often for about 20 seconds, maintaining 6 feet from other individuals, and no social gathering in large groups! Infact, few events were dubbed “super spreader events, but what about cannabis users?

Since the legalization of cannabis, users are more active to be part of these events. Their access to medical cannabis via 420 evaluations is possible, so they are eager to learn more about it. However, several cannabis events have been canceled to avoid any social gathering. One of the events- SXSW (not actually a cannabis event but a cannabis-friendly event) gave rise to a domino effect as they said they would cancel or postpone their event. Plus, the gatherings and events planned on 4/20 (due to the significance of the date) quickly made amendments.

The Colorado NOCO Hemp Expo is scheduled for August 6-8, which was supposed to take place on March 26-28. However, this may be up in the air as new and new hot spots of active coronavirus cases are emerging daily.

So if you were planning on attending a cannabis event, check below for cancellations, and postponement.

Cannabis Events That Cancelled Due To COVID-19

Take a look at all the cannabis events, conferences, gatherings, and festivals that were pre-planned for the cannabis users.

  • 2020 Cannabis Conference
  • 420 Vancouver
  • American Herbal Products Association
  • Baltimore Cannabis Relief Festival
  • California Cannabis Industry Association Policy Conference
  • Cannabis Business Summit & Expo
  • Cannabis Conference 2020
  • Cannabis Wedding Expo
  • Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo
  • CannaCon Detroit
  • Coachella
  • Emerald Cup
  • Hall of Flowers
  • High Times Cannabis Cup Central Valley
  • MedCan Summit 2020
  • Michigan Hash Bash
  • Mile High 420 Festival
  • National Cannabis Festival
  • National Cannabis Industry Association Summit
  • National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA) Conference
  • NeCann Boston
  • Ohio Cannabis Health and Business Summit
  • SOuther Hemp Expo
  • Spannabis
  • Women in Cannabis Summit

Even if these events and conferences were canceled, the good news is that it was all before the 4/20 holiday, as it provided an opportunity to create pivots towards various virtual events. For now, all we can do is visit the website and see if they canceled the event or postponed it. 

When In-person Cannabis Events Will Take Place Again?

The logical answer says that once it will be safer for us to step outside of our homes without fear- only then can we see these events happening. Whether it is an expo, conference, festival, or a concert- the exact decision is yet pending. 

The CDC centers (Centres of Disease Control) has provided “Interim Guidance” to all the organizations who are wishing to have mass gatherings. However, the correct approach should be not to have them at all.

As the pandemic is still unfolding its impacts in many parts of the country, there is only little anyone can do. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from being a victim of this coronavirus pandemic and follow all the recommendations offered by the CDS to reduce exposure. Once you, I, and all are protected and are probably on the verge of eliminating coronavirus, we can definitely think of an event or a conference (regarding coronavirus).

Rescheduled Cannabis Events 

  • Hall of Flowers – postponed (no date announced)
  • CCIA Annual Policy Conference -postponed (no date announced)
  • Aspen Legal Seminar – rescheduled to August 17-19, 2020
  • Denver Cannabis Wedding Expo – rescheduled to October 25, 2020
  • 420 Broward Festival – postponed (no date announced)
  • RECANNN Illinois Cannabis Convention – rescheduled to October 9-10, 2020
  • RECANN Maine Cannabis Convention – rescheduled to October 17-18, 2020
  • RECANN New England Cannabis Convention – rescheduled to June 27- 29, 2020
  • RECANN Springfield Cannabis Convention – rescheduled to October 23- 24, 2020
  • Conversation in Cannabis – postponed (no date announced)
  • Hash Bash Cup – rescheduled to July 10 -12, 2020
  • 2020 Cannabis Conference – postponed (no date announced)
  • Las Vegas Cannabis Wedding Expo– rescheduled to August 30, 2020
  • Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo- rescheduled to October 1-3, 2020
  • Pennsylvania Cannabis Fest – rescheduled to October 3-4, 2020
  • RECANN Vermont Cannabis Convention – rescheduled to September 26-27, 2020
  • National Cannabis Festivals – rescheduled to September 19, 2020
  • 420 Vancouver – rescheduled to July 1, 2020
  • International Cannabis Business Conference – rescheduled to July 29- 31, 2020
  • Global Cannabis Dealmakers Conference – rescheduled to June 15-16, 2020
  • Medcan Summit – postponed (no date announced)
  • Spannabis – rescheduled to September 11- 13, 2020

The Bottom Line

These Cannabis Conferences and gatherings have different meanings for all. Normal cannabis consumers see it as an opportunity to learn about their stuff or maybe something upcoming. Whereas, for some, it is an opportunity to expand their cannabis business. They meet fellow minded people to discuss the revenue-earning prospects in the cannabis industry. Perhaps, mostly the attendees are ordinary people who are simply passionate about cannabis. Nevertheless, these events are a great platform to witness the latest developments and competing suppliers of cannabis under one roof. 

If you have not visited any cannabis conference yet, add one of them to your 2020 calendar. It doesn’t matter where you live- at least one of the events would be near to you.