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October 15, 2020

Tips to Stay Responsible While Celebrating This Holiday Season With Cannabis

So, the festival season is upon us. And we all are looking forward to it, right? Well, I definitely am. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas- it’s gonna be real fun again! And for those who have just got their medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills, it’s an opportunity to celebrate this amazing time with cannabis. Cannabis can surely enhance the holiday fun twofold.

However, whether you are celebrating your holidays at home or out with your friends, we want you to stay responsible and safe. You may be thinking of adding a cannabis touch to every occasion with the help of marijuana-themed costumes and cannabis-infused edibles. But while doing so, we suggest you follow these tips to keep things as risk-free as possible.

Store and Serve Edibles Resposibly

While enjoying this holiday season, you may think of adding a canna-touch to your sweets and other foods to make them interesting. In fact, consuming cannabis edibles might be your first choice if you are a medical user and have a medical marijuana card in Chino Hills. This will have you have your regular dosage and also add to your holiday enjoyment- killing two birds with one stone.

However, while working with marijuana edibles, you must not forget that they are adult treats only. And you need to keep them away from children in any situation. Only use marijuana edibles in adult-only parties. And for added safety, always store them in a child-proof container or a place where kids can’t reach them.

Stay Low And go Slow

This rule is perhaps even for the time when there are no holidays. And maybe you are doing it already. But during the holiday season, the excitement level is at an all-time high. And given this, the chances of overconsuming the herbs are very significant.  Hence, we suggest you stay safe by consuming less and going slow about it. 

If you are an experienced consumer, you most likely already know how to follow this rule. But if you are a newbie, here’s how to do it.

You should always start with a minimum dosage of marijuana when you are trying it for the first time. And slowly increase your dosage until the time you start feeling its effects. Furthermore, sometimes, it may take some time for the effects to set on you. So, you should always wait for enough time between two of your dosages depending upon the way you are consuming it. Usually, with edibles, you may have to wait even for longer.

Avoid Mixing it With Alcohol

When you are enjoying at a party where weed and booze both are available, the chances of crossfading are obviously very high.  And you may also think of doing this experiment in the hope to get something fun out of it.

Well, in the beginning, it perhaps won’t look like a big issue. But the studies show that if there is alcohol in your blood, it may open up your blood vessels, and thus allow more THC to enter into your system. This phenomenon can very easily lead to “green out.”

Have Proper Marijuana Manners

Visiting someone’s home for a party? Have some manners and send a quick message to them asking if they would allow smoking marijuana at their home. This would show them that you respect them and their house.

If your host is generous enough to give you a nod, when you reach there, ask them for a dedicated spot away from the kids to light up your bud. Also, always keep some extra to share with others.

Never Drive When High

As I said, during the holiday season, you’ll be out partying a lot. But the one thing you should never forget as a responsible cannabis consumer is- Never drive when you are high.

Yes, marijuana is legal. But driving under the influence is not. And doing so may get you in serious legal trouble, including confiscation of your MMJ card.

Plus it’s not just about rules and laws only but your safety too. See, no matter how much you deny it, cannabis does impair your senses. And driving under the influence can be dangerous for you as well as others out there. Having said that, you must not drive if you are consuming cannabis.

Cannabis and holidays is surely an amazing combination. And by giving yourself a cannabis treat, you can make your holiday season a lot better. However, staying safe with the herb during this time is also very important. The tips given above can help you be responsible with your marijuana intake this holiday season.

Medical Marijuana Recommendation Chino Hills

September 03, 2020

What Is the New DEA Rule and How Is It Affecting the Hemp CBD Industry?

The DEA, also known as the Drug Enforcement Agency issued an interim rule on hemp and its derivatives. The DEA proposal confirms its regulations to the statutory changes that are already in effect. DEA interim rule also confirms that there are no new additional amendments. So, after reading the regulations proposed by the DEA, the first question that comes to everybody’s mind is why did the DEA issue an interim that merely confirms the nuances of the existing law. In layman language, the answer to this question is obvious, yet complicated.

The legal experts believe that the DEA is taking the utmost advantage of the loopholes in the Agricultural Improvement Act (The Farm Bill of 2018) to tighten the grip on the cannabis industry. You see after the law became a bill in 2018, things completely changed for the cannabis industry. According to the Farm Bill, CBD derived from hemp, and its derivatives with less than or equal to 0.3% THC are legal on the federal level. This means that you don’t need a medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills to get a medical cannabis card for CBD products. The only exception or as the legal experts believe discrepancy in this law is that it does not talk about hemp processing.

Ideally, legalizing would mean that now you can produce, manufacture, and transport CBD products. But there is a twisting catch in the law and the DEA issues this interim to ensure that everything complies with the Farm Bill. Unfortunately, the problem does not end here. Read on to find out more.

Potential Trouble for the Hemp Industry

The DEA within the definition of the Farm Bill i.e. only CBD derived from hemp is legal also clarifies that products containing more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis will stand as schedule I substance. This is another key area of trouble.

The extraction process of cannabinoid causes the levels of delta-9 THC to increase by a significant portion. As a result, this form of hemp lawfully falls under the illegal category. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you intended to dilute delta-9 THC to the legal level of 0.3% THC. As a result, the processors who dilute THC levels may fall under major risks.

However, technically this guideline does not bring the processors under the radar. It’s mainly because the Farm Bill regulates cultivation activity and the processing activities go unnoticed. The bill states that processors are not required to test hemp, but cultivators have to test their hemp for THC levels. All in all, there is ambiguity everywhere. In that state of perplexity, DEA comes in with this interim rule. The DEA will watch over the processing aspects even when it’s not a direct violation of the Farm Bill laws.

The Regulatory Gap Is Real

If you’re still wondering what is the regulatory gap, welcome to the ambiguities associated with the cannabis laws. The cannabis industry has long battled with the loopholes in the existing laws. And now that this interim rule is out, things get even more serious for hemp businesses. While it is true that CBD is legal federally, particularly hemp extracts, derivatives, and hemp cannabinoids, there is no mention of processing these legal substances. Interestingly, this is the regulatory gap we have so far been talking about.

It is relevant to understand this gap because DEA has recently issued a rule which is quite inconsistent with the Farm Bill. You see, if the DEA was consistent with the Farm Bill, processing hemp would naturally fall under the legal category. In fact, it is logical to include processing as a part of hemp legalization. On the contrary, the DEA does not take any of that into consideration.

Decoding the DEA Interim Rule

According to the new rule proposed, the DEA defines legal marijuana as cannabis that does not contain more than 0.3% THC. This also means that a product should not contain more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry cannabis basis. So, in compliance with the existing Farm Bill, the DEA goes on to say that both derived and raw forms of cannabis fall under this definition. And anything that falls out of the legal limit will naturally become an uncontrolled substance. Moreover, it will lose its legal status and right for market and production. So, this is the new interim hemp law issued by the DEA.

The problem arises when the extraction process is taken into consideration. The cultivators will produce hemp, get it tested, and pass the legal status. However, these days each CBD product is engineered to meet certain medical requirements. So, it’s obvious that the plant will go under extraction. Unfortunately, such is the nature of cannabis that no matter what you do it is nearly impossible to control the isolated cannabis during extraction. Due to its simple nature, the excretion process will lead to the formation of delta-9 THC – a higher form of THC.

Enter DEA: The DEA says anything not in compliance with the Farm Bill will face legal consequences. Up till now, we have seen that every department is in complete control, except for the processing department. They extract cannabinoids and the processors will technically have access to CBD products containing higher forms of THC. To be clear, the DEA is not only saying that delta-9 THC is illegal. It is also saying that products rich in Delta-9 THC (hemp-derived) no longer fall under the category of uncontrolled substances. 

Processing CBD Is Not a Violation of the CSA

The main argument that remains: The Farm Bill does not say that processing hemp extracts is a violation. It is nearly equal to following the intent of the law. In other words, everything that is associated with hemp. From extraction to processing, manufacturing and sale should be legal. So, why hasn’t the DEA considered this factor? Well, the answer to this question can vary on different parameters.

The important thing here is that the DEA rule impacts the hemp businesses on a large scale. Not only this, but the DEA rule will also cause trouble for the new growing delta-8 THC market. You can analyze the DEAs stance and let us know in the comment section below what you think about this move. We are sure for some it is a deliberate act while for others a nefarious move to tighten the loosened grip over the cannabis industry.

Regardless, everything boils down to the risk posed by this law. Each and every business that deals in processing will face real criminal danger. As of now, the rule is open for discussion and effective until further amendments. As a cannabis user, manufacturer, cultivator, processor, or getting a medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills, you should understand the DEA rule. It will help you be aware of the future risks. In the light of cannabis law education, you can also learn how to navigate through uncharted waters. After all, nobody wants that they should be arrested for processing or possessing something that is already legal on the federal level.

Medical Marijuana Recommendation Chino Hills

June 30, 2020

Science Decodes How Cannabis Makes You Feel Happy

What’s your most recent memory of a chill cannabis session with your friends? I’m sure you’re remembering that with a smile. In fact, if you’re still high, there might be a wide grin on your face. A happy vibe is synonymous with cannabis. Well, a medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills can kickstart a new cannabis experience for you by providing you with streamlined access. Cannabis is packed with bliss molecules that enhance your overall sense of elation and opens a new dimension of happiness for you.

Welcome to the bliss

Every time you consume cannabis, it’s guaranteed to load you with good experiences. In fact, it’s an inseparable emotion that pervades through the entire community that advocates cannabis use. The herb introduces you to a new world of bliss that erases every trace of stress and worries. That makes it a top choice in people who are looking for an escape. Well, it’s not even a surprise. Whenever you see a group of people enjoying their chill cannabis sessions, there is something that’s easy to notice. It’s a sense of calm and elation that is not hard to notice. Now, if you are someone who hasn’t used cannabis, these scenes tempt you to test the herb for yourself. Honestly, there is no harm in doing it if you follow the right approach towards using it. Well, having said that, you might be wondering what’s that, ‘ Bliss Molecule’ we mentioned earlier. 

Anandamide is your ticket to happiness

Whenever you ingest cannabis, you experience the world in a way that is different from the norm. You feel an unmistakable sense of elation and everything seems at ease. If you’re wondering why do you dive into such a relaxing state, the credit goes to ‘Anandamide’. It’s the bliss molecule that channels that good feeling throughout your body. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discovered it in 1992 and coined it from the Sanskrit word ‘Ananda’, which means ‘bliss, and joy’. Your brain houses anandamide and other chemicals that are similar to cannabis. These control the feeling of happiness in your body. As a result, you feel an undeniable sense of relaxation that is hard to replace with anything else. 

What is the core mechanism that channels this feeling within you?

Have you ever experienced that lasting sense of happiness after you successfully hiked to a snow-clad mountain? Or felt just too good while devouring your favorite choco truffle? Well, that’s anandamide at work. It facilitates the release of glutamate and acetylcholine in your hippocampus, which limits your ability to form new memories. In other words, it lets you remain in the moment and everything seems visibly more enjoyable. This can further be explained by the presence of the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain that trigger the release of dopamine. When this happens, you feel a sense of euphoria and everything seems favorable to you.

In other words, anandamide is a naturally occurring chemical in the brain, which is also found in large quantities in the active compound THC. Cannabis is a ‘phytocannabinoid’, which means it’s derived from the plants. So, when you consume cannabis, the active compounds bind with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain to trigger the release of anandamide in the brain. This makes you feel better and relaxed. As a result, you feel happy and everything seems much more manageable to you. There is a decrease in the sense of negativity within you and you feel positive.

The endocannabinoid system holds credit too

If you ever wonder how cannabis induces its effects in the body, it’s through the endocannabinoid system. It’s a network of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids that are spread throughout the body. The main interaction happens through the receptors. They can be broadly divided into two categories: CB-1 and CB-2. Talking about CB-1 receptors, it is mainly present in the brain and shows an increased binding affinity to THC. On the other hand, CB-2 receptors are present in other parts of the body. So, when you consume cannabis, the active compounds THC and CBD, bind with these receptors to trigger the release of feel-good hormones in the body. All these contribute to an overall feeling of relaxation that spreads throughout the body.

Get your medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills

If you are planning to use cannabis for your health, you need to have a medical cannabis card. This gives you the legal right to access cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries. The process to access the card is extremely simple. The first step is finding a clinic that is certified and genuine. To ensure that, do some research and go through the reviews. Then check if they have the certified doctors who can treat you.

If you are planning to access the card, you need to follow a simple 3 step process. It starts with a simple pre-qualification form that needs your basic details along with health history. The clinic goes through your information and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. Now, most clinics accept telemedicine appointments. This means that you interact with the doctors via video call. The doctor tries to understand your symptoms and tries to offer you the help you need. Cannabis is an effective remedy for managing multiple health conditions. So, this process is important to know if you have a qualifying medical condition. Now, if the analysis leads to the conclusion that you have a valid medical condition, it means that you are eligible to own a medical marijuana card. With the recommendation, you earn the legal right to access cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries.

Final Thoughts

Going through an evaluation is not just about getting a recommendation. It also lets you interact with the interact with certified doctors that can help you figure out a dose that will work towards enhancing your health. The fact that cannabis makes you feel happy, the doctor can give you a better understanding of how it helps you. As a patient, you have the right to ask the right questions from the doctor. They can educate you about the full spectrum of benefits that cannabis offers.

So, getting a medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills is your ticket for happiness. It can help you dive into a blissful cannabis experience that is guaranteed to bring a enhance your health for better. Just make sure you gain the right insight towards using the herb effectively for your health.

Medical Marijuana Recommendation Chino Hills

May 06, 2020

Cannabis Product Third-Party Lab Test Results- A Guide

While walking through the grocery store, you come across different products. What helps you sort through those products? Product labels. Isn’t it? I am sure everyone knows about product labels. In simple words, they give you a screenshot of what’s inside your product. However, when it comes to labels, consumers are only interested in looking through expiry dates. But, with cannabis, you can’t follow the same criteria. It’s because the product is still deemed illegal on the federal level. Hence, buying products based on expiry dates alone won’t work in your favor. So, if you already have a medical marijuana recommendation, Chino Hills, I would recommend not to get duped with fancy cannabis product labels.

But why am I asking you to do that?

Many cannabis companies are claiming their products are “lab-tested.” However, upon request, they fail to provide a copy of detailed lab test results. Undoubtedly, these results are critical to confirm the potency, purity, and safety of your product. So, it’s a must for every cannabis user to get hold of the third-party lab results.

But your work does not end there.

Once you have those results, you must review every detail thoroughly. That’s how you can conclude if the product will be suitable for you. So, let’s have a look at different parameters of the “Certificate of Analysis” to understand your cannabis product better.

Decoding The Lab Tests Results

Cannabis labels give you a wide array of information. To begin with, it provides you infor.mation about the cannabinoids available for use. Other than that, it tells you whether or not your product is infected with mold. Furthermore, the results will give you an idea of the presence of residual pesticides.

So, to ensure you are getting a high-grade product, it’s vital to understand the lab test results shared by the third-party testing agencies. But, not every test analysis would mention every parameter that we are going to talk about. It’s because the test results might vary according to the type of the cannabis product or its type of usage, and local regulations.

So, let’s look at the different elements provided by most of the companies and what they mean to you.


Under this category, the results will show the levels of THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoid present in your product. These are compounds responsible for various therapeutic effects, physical and psychological. Most of the products would notify about the concentration of THC or CBD. A few will notify about THCa, THCV, CBDa, CBN, CBC, and CBC, in case the product contains any of them.


Only a few test results will specify this ingredient. The reason being, this compound mostly tells about the flavor or the aroma of your product. But, over the last few years, their importance as a therapeutic agent has grown tremendously. So, manufacturers are ensuring to list them as well. It would be beneficial if you are finding some specific terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and others.

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Moisture Content

This particular category will be a part of test results if your product of choice is a cannabis bud. It’s because higher moisture content will increase the risk of fungi or bacteria. And if it’s too little, your buds will turn out to be too dry or brittle. In a nutshell, choosing such buds would result in a bad experience. So, look for the moisture content in your certificate of analysis and confirm whether or not the cannabis product is right for you. Otherwise, your medical marijuana recommendation, Chino Hills, would turn out to be a complete waste.

Residual Solvents

Manufacturers use several solvents, especially during cannabis extractions. So, the final product might contain a minimal amount of solvent. However, studies claim that a few solvents, when present in higher concentrations, can cause detrimental health effects. Again, acceptable levels vary in different states. So, you must thoroughly check the solvents section. And determine if the product has a possibility of causing any severe effects. 

Other Test Results

Aside from the results mentioned above, there are a few other test results that will help you to confirm the safety of your product. For instance, the test results would provide you information about pesticide concentration in the final product. Another test would be regarding microbial growth. It would be provided in the case of cannabis buds. Lastly, the test results might provide data regarding the presence of metals.

Studies suggest that cannabis plants absorb metals from fertilizers or contaminated soils while growing. And if not washed away, it might be toxic to humans. So, you might find results regarding the presence of arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. Keeping a check on these parameters would help you choose the best products for yourself.


Third-party lab test results have a wealth of information regarding your desired cannabis product. It is not limited to purity and potency alone. So, you should ask the budtender or the manufacturer to give you access to those results. If they are not providing you with a copy of the results, there is a possibility that the product might not be genuine. So, beware of such fake products, especially if you are using cannabis as a medical aid. I recommend you to choose wisely with your medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills.

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Final Thoughts

A good, attractive cannabis label helps the manufacturer to sell its products. Whether it’s oils, edibles, or any other cannabis product. However, many cases are pointing out companies putting an old label on their products and expect it to do wonders for them. Some provide results for their products. However, as per the labeling laws, the information might not be enough. Only a few genuine companies are giving access to a detailed Certificate of Analysis for a given batch of products.

But, if you are at the receiving end, you must stay away from the red flags. For example, if any manufacturer or producer is refusing to provide you with lab results, avoid purchasing such products. Cannabis users need to get a hold of these results, especially if they are using it for medicinal benefits. That’s how you can be sure of the product standards. Don’t forget you are obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills to get high-quality products. Otherwise, what’s the use?