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August 18, 2020

CBD In The Treatment Of Psoriasis: What Do We Know

With CBD products making the headline every year, there is constant talk about the therapeutic benefit of cannabis. No wonder more than 3.7 million people use cannabis. Largely, CBD is used for the purpose of alleviating the symptoms of certain medical conditions. However, can CBD also help patients suffering from psoriasis? The answer to this question is quite complicated. 

We have gone through a series of anecdotal evidence. These pieces of evidence suggest that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Which, in turn, can treat autoimmune diseases. However, studies on this subject remain inconclusive. This does not mean that you cannot use CBD oil as a therapeutic agent. Yes, you can, but you have to get an evaluation to first understand whether or not you qualify for cannabis use. 

You see, patients are allowed to use a medical marijuana card for only state-qualifying medical conditions. For instance, if you get an MMJ card in Chino Hills ensure that your first check-in with the state list of qualifying medical conditions. That said, let us delve deeper and understand the relationship between psoriasis and CBD.

Psoriasis and CBD

The main question is whether CBD can help alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis or not? Leaving the answers to experts and to help you understand how CBD works in case of certain medical conditions. Here are a few studies we have used as evidence to answer this question. But before that, you need to understand what psoriasis looks like. The main symptoms include dry and raised skin with red or silver looking scales covering different parts of the body. The elbows, kneecaps, and lower back are largely affected areas. Without further adieu now let’s take a look at some scientific evidence. 

Preliminary science reports reveal that CBD can be useful in treating eczema and psoriasis. However, we do not have concrete evidence to suggest that this non-psychoactive part of the plant is actually useful in the treatment of psoriasis. The studies in support of CBD use for psoriasis only come as anecdotal evidence. And the good news is that even if you use CBD for psoriasis, we do not have reports showing death caused by CBD use. In contrast, CBD is used across America to alleviate symptoms of medical conditions such as anxiety, pain, and inflammation. 

Furthermore, we have a study published in 2007 that shows how CBD can inhibit keratinocyte proliferation. This, in turn, makes CBD a potential candidate for psoriasis treatment. Also, CBD has some anti-inflammatory properties and it can help with red swollen skin in the case of psoriasis patients. So far, we have studies consisting of individual identities. This means that each study causatively looks at the facts and entails a solution for considerable risk. The deeper we go into the research the faster we learn that perhaps CBD might not be an effective solution for psoriasis. So, where is the research at today? 

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Studies On Psoriasis

We don’t know how many of you know, but August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. With rising cases of psoriasis during the pandemic, this medical condition has caused havoc for some patients. There are raising concerns, but only a few suggestions to completely treat this condition. As a result, scientists and researchers from all over the world constantly discuss and study the effects of CBD on psoriasis.

It has become a major concern for doctors because psoriasis has affected as many as 8 million Americans. And the bad news is the number is likely to grow with delay in concrete research. Ideally, an autoimmune disease like this attacks the healthy cells of the skin. In many patients, psoriasis means marks and patches on the skin, and in others, it comes along with health conditions such as depression and anxiety. So, to prove whether CBD is an effective treatment option or not we have to first look at the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

CBD For Psoriasis: Analysis Of The Study

CBD and anti-inflammatory responses go hand in hand. Although, we have to keep in mind that an anti-inflammatory response is your body’s reaction to attacking pathogens and bacteria. So, in some cases, CBD oil can come handy. While reducing inflammation it will also help decrease pain caused by it. Again, we only have a few studies suggesting CBD can help reduce inflammation. Until further studies, make sure you consult a doctor and seek medical cannabis treatment in order to treat inflammation.

That said, now let us take a look at a 2019 study published in the Clinical Therapeutic journal. With 20 subjects or to be precise patients, the study analyzed the skin of these subjects. Each subject was administered with CBD salve. The results of topical treatment showed skin improvement on different parameters. Not only this, but CBD topical treatment also led to an improvement in the PASI index score. And the good news was that not even a single subject reported allergies or severe side effects. This also means that not only can CBD help in the treatment of psoriasis, but it can also help people deal with other skin problems. For instance, facial acne, allergy, and skin irritation in general.

Another study published in the Dermatological Science journal went on to say that CBD salve has positive effects on the skin. The reason for the same is that CBD can easily inhibit keratinocyte activities. Making it a perfect match for people who suffer from psoriasis. Also, while using CBD for medical benefits make sure that the products in use have less than or equal to 0.3% THC. You can also choose products whose label reads full-spectrum CBD oil. This is basically the purest form of CBD available in the market.

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What’s More

The best part is you don’t even need your state medical cannabis card to purchase CBD oil. Say you live in Chino Hills, you don’t need an MMJ card in Chino Hills to purchase CBD derived from hemp. All thanks to the Farm Bill. It became a law in 2018 and since then hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3% THC is legal on the federal level. But don’t forget that medical marijuana comes with a lot of advantages. For instance, you can save tax, grow, and possess higher limits of cannabis.

That said, let us get back to the role of CBD in the treatment of psoriasis. Well, so far we have looked at two major studies. Both studies suggest that topical administration is safe and effective. This also means that CBD topicals can help with various skin disorders, especially inflamed skin. So, the question about CBDs effectiveness in the treatment of psoriasis is quite clear. However, keep in mind that we do not have promising evidence, only a handful of studies. With more studies and concrete proof, psoriasis could have another treatment option.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is safe to conclude that since we do not have enough evidence to prove the nature of CBD, particularly in the case of psoriasis. Drawing any sort of conclusions can prove dangerous for patients who have psoriasis. After all, psoriasis is a severe skin condition and heed this advice before making any decisions. Until scientists come out with a concrete study, talk to your dermatologist, and then follow the treatment plan religiously.

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