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April 09, 2020

Coronavirus and Marijuana- How to Slow Down The Impact?

Gone are the days when one used to discuss plague or HIV and the millions of lives they affected. Perhaps unsurprisingly, you will find the world engrossed in one of the biggest public health crisis of our time. The COVID-19 pandemic is unsettling the lives of billions across the globe. Naturally, the impact of coronavirus is likely to affect the economy and society equally. Like everything else, the cannabis industry and its reform movement have also entered into a zone where things could get worse in the coming weeks and potentially months. The only thing that favored cannabis during this crisis was that people started opting for online 420 evaluations more than ever. 

Before we go any further, the reason for stating this fact is that you must understand cannabis is not a non-essential commodity whose non-existence won’t impact society. Having said that, I agree that the scenario could have been different if the cannabis legalization measures were still in its initial stages.

But, the fact of the matter is, millions of patients are already relying on cannabis to manage their condition. And such an impact on the cannabis industry could affect both consumers and businesses. While keeping that in mind, it’s essential to consider specific measures to navigate the health crisis. So, let’s dive in and learn about the things that are impacting cannabis culture in the country, along with pointing out measures that could slow down the falling cannabis economy.

Patients Should be The First Priority

Isn’t that obvious? Medical cannabis is something that’s a part of the health regime of millions of lives. So, any impact on this plant will make things a bit vulnerable for patients who are at higher risk of developing severe complications when infected with COVID-19. To halt the spread, the government issued a lockdown of non-essential services and businesses. Earlier, the future of the dispensaries was a bit hazy. And many storefronts were closing down amid the outbreak.

But, you know what else?

The officials understand the importance of cannabis in the lives of many. So, many states have marked medical cannabis dispensaries as “essential services” like any other such businesses such as groceries or pharmacies. So, it’s now out and open. Cannabis is a medicine, and one must look at it precisely that way. As far as dispensaries are concerned, they must follow all the social distancing guidelines to protect their patients and staff against this pandemic.

To do that, you can start home delivery services and extend them to nearby places so that no patient misses out on their medicine. This will help maximum people to follow the social distancing protocols. Infact, states like Maryland. Michigan and Illinois already have started curbside pickup while Massachusetts expanded delivery areas for approved dispensaries. And they are insisting patients buy at least a two week supply to avoid multiple trips.

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Don’t Forget About The Staff.

Remember, not all dispensaries cater to only patients with online 420 evaluations. A few others are meant for dual-use as well. So, the dispensaries must consider specific measures to limit the exposure of patients to any potentially ill person. If curbside pickup or delivery is not available, make sure to attend such patients in a separate area altogether. Also, it’s very brave of the personnel who are working during such a public health crisis. So, owners must make sure the safety of their staff should never be compromised.

You may be wondering how is that possible?

It’s simple. Businesses should limit the presence of consumers at a single time. And for that, they can shift sales online or through phone orders. Or they can schedule appointments for their customers to minimize the impact of ongoing viral attacks. Always follow the six feet distance rule whenever in contact with any person. Also, one must always follow the measures such as gloves for employees along with other sanitization practices to protect themselves.

It’s Time to Give Some Space to Cannabis Businesses

The government must look into every aspect to ensure that cannabis businesses can run smoothly without any hassles. For starters, they must relax rules around badging dispensary agents and employees. You might not be aware that it takes around a month to hire an employee. And it’s no surprise that many employees are expected to miss out time in self-quarantine, self-isolation, or even hospitalization. So, the businesses need new employees to ensure they are properly staffed to serve the needs of their patients.

As if that was not enough…

Dispensary agent cards allow employees to work in a specific cannabis business that, too, at a particular location. Since there would be times when companies are going to be short-staffed, the workers must be allowed to work in shifts for different areas and, if possible, in various types of businesses as well. It would help the employee to protect his job while allowing him/her to assist in the businesses that are falling short of staff. That’s how patients with online 420 evaluations can quickly obtain their medicines without delay.

Does The Current Pandemic Pose Any Threat Other Than Health Crisis?

Now that we discussed the problems faced by cannabis users and businesses catering to them. Here are a few other issues faced by the cannabis industry during this public health crisis.

Supply Chain Disruptions

The biggest issue concerning the cannabis industry is the disruption of the ongoing cannabis supply. Although we have a handful of producers concerning growing and processing, there are many accessories or other parts that originate from China. For instance, cannabis companies often rely on China for vaporizers. So, anything related to vaping will see a massive downfall in terms of sales. Other than that, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning product supply might also face the heat since the primary production of most of these items is mostly done in China.

There is no doubt that the cannabis industry would see a phase of tough times in the coming months when the dispensaries would not receive the required amount of medicine. And that’s how patients with online 420 evaluations will start feeling the pressure.

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Cancellations of Marijuana Events

It is pretty obvious that social gatherings are a risk right now. So, countries are discouraging any events from mitigating the effects of this deadly virus. And this includes the trade shows that were set to place in different regions of the US, Canada, and Europe in the next few months. Such shows encourage showing off novel innovations. Also, it is the time when different varieties hit the dispensaries. Since the trade shows were canceled, the cannabis stocks are in a real bind. For instance, Aurora Cannabis required the partnership to give a big push to their edibles and vapes. However, such a crisis will impact its operating losses significantly.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic is not disrupting the lives of billions in terms of health. It is also making an impact on the millions of businesses out there. And the cannabis industry is certainly not immune to this outbreak. Tourism, supply chain, and a lot of other necessities seem to have fallen prey to this public health crisis. Imagine the scenario when even the patients won’t be able to receive their medicines as the supply chain has started to feel the heat of unavailability of products for letting them manufacture lab-grade products.

So, it’s time that the government intervenes and takes the necessary steps to make it possible for the cannabis industry to stay right there without crumbling. And advice for the patients, make sure you have enough supply of medications to cater to your needs. And if your card is about to expire, ensure to go for online 420 evaluations to access your medications without any delay.

Again, until things get back to normal, practice social distancing and hygiene guidelines without fail.

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