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January 22, 2020

Experience The Power of Full-spectrum Products with 420 Evaluation Chino Hills

Everybody is chilling around the fact that CBD is a legal commodity. Anyone can use it from any part of the country. As if there are no limitations at all. Well, in a way, that’s right. Why would anyone want to go through a hassle of 420 evaluations Chino Hills when they can easily access CBD, “the miracle cannabinoid”? 

THC is indeed the notorious product, and CBD carries the tag of the “good kid.” But wait, let me tell you something. CBD works best with THC. Surprised? You see, it turns out CBD’s potency level goes up with THC around. This is why medical marijuana doctors ask their patients to look up for full-spectrum CBD products instead of CBD isolates. Here is why scientists and researchers think it’s worth to add a pinch of THC in your concoction. 

Why do CBD and THC Make a Heavenly Pair?

THC and CBD are the two popular cannabinoids with only a difference of one, making you high while the other having no such effects at all. With such a difference, patients or researchers often look for the therapeutic benefits of CBD more than any other cannabinoid. The reason being they want to lure patients of every age group without worrying about the intoxication effects. 

So, it is showing a lot of potential as a medical aid for several medical conditions. For instance, a clinical trial tested the potential of CBD for alleviating an epileptic condition. They found that CBD helped reduce seizures by 50%. This trial helped the FDA to consider Epidiolex as a drug for two rare forms of epilepsy. It would not be a bad thing to assume CBD as a therapeutic aid for several disorders alone. 

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However, a growing body of research is focusing on its potency in the presence of THC. And they found them a great team. When they are together, they result in a cascade of events commonly known as “entourage effect.” That’s how you must always go for full-spectrum products after your 420 evaluations Chino Hills. 

Understanding the “Entourage Effect” 

Imagine why would the mother nature provide us with cannabis, if CBD alone was enough to take your worries away. So, the idea of marijuana is much better than using one or two of its components. In short, the potency levels touch all-new high in the presence of a bit of THC as if it boosts the CBD to work better.

It’s because when together, every component present in cannabis, they start interacting synergistically to produce an entourage effect. It is a scientifically proven fact that CBD reduces the psychoactive behavior of THC along with the appetite-inducing or sedative effects of THC. Simply put, every component of cannabis works together in harmony and increases the potency by two folds at the very least. 

The Research Says it All

Many studies are confirming that CBD is more potent when used with THC. Here are some studies that will confirm this fact. A study by the California Pacific Medical Center found that combining CBD and THC produced effective anti-tumor effects. 

Another study discovered that patients CBD and THC were better than a pure THC extract for reducing cancer-related pain symptoms. The Journal of Psychopharmacology reported that CBD inhibits THC’s paranoia symptoms or memory inhibiting effects. That’s what even mmj specialists are recommending going raw with cannabis instead of searching CBD isolates. 

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Final Thoughts 

There is no doubt that CBD and THC have medicinal benefits. It’s been there for ages, even when there was no concept of 420 evaluation Chino Hills. Initially, people thought that CBD would be more than enough for patients. But, the research findings support the idea of combining CBD and THC. Enough to say that they are working better when they are present together than alone. So, if you are trying to boost your health, make sure that you mix a bit of THC in your CBD platter.

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