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October 29, 2020

How to Consume Cannabis Tinctures For Medical Purposes?

Tinctures are quickly becoming a popular smokeless cannabis consumption method. So, without worrying about the harmful effects of the smoke, you can enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana, such as anxiety relief, pain management, etc. This delivery method is perfect for patients looking for low-calorie medication options. Like cannabis flowers, vaping cartridges, and edibles, you can purchase tinctures with different concentrations of cannabinoids from licensed dispensaries. But, for that, you must have an MMJ card. If you don’t have one, apply for online 420 evaluations Chino Hills.

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What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

Tinctures are cannabis extracts infused with a solvent, such as alcohol or glycerine solution. Tinctures are available in small bottles with droppers. So, you can easily control the cannabis dose based on your medical needs.

You can consume tinctures directly by placing a few drops under the tongue. So, cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, thus delivering quick effects. The onset time may vary depending on the concentration of THC and CBD. Additionally, you can mix tinctures with foods and beverages.

Research says that tincture effects reach a peak in about 90 minutes. They are perfect for individuals who are expecting therapeutic effects longer than smoking/vaping, but shorter than edibles.

How do Tinctures Work?

When you apply tinctures sublingually, they pass through the blood vessels in the tongue and reach the bloodstream. As a result, cannabinoids present in marijuana interact with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This helps in regulating important functions, such as pain, sleep, memory, mood, appetite, etc. Thus, sublingual absorption provides quick effects, in just 15 minutes.

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If the cannabinoids aren’t absorbed through the tongue, they are processed through the digestive system, just like edibles. As a result, tinctures can deliver a delayed onset of effects. When mixed with foods or beverages, tinctures usually work as marijuana-infused edibles.

It’s important to note that tinctures aren’t without risks. One of the most common side-effects is that tinctures may cause irritation in the tongue. In some cases, tinctures may interact with certain medications, thus causing liver damage, blood clotting issues, etc.

How to Dose Cannabis Tinctures?

Dosing tinctures properly is very important. Using a dropper, you can take tinctures through the mouth. But, take the optimal dose, which depends on various factors, such as-

  • The concentration of CBD and THC
  • Your gender
  • Your metabolism rate
  • The severity of your condition

We recommend you start with a low dose and increase gradually. For instance, if you are using a cannabis tincture with 300 mg of cannabinoids (1:1 CBD:THC ratio). Considering 1 mg per drop, take 2-3 drops initially. Wait for a few minutes, and determine the effects on your body and mind. If you are satisfied with the effects, stop taking tinctures, otherwise, take another dose.

However, you can talk to a board-certified doctor for professional help regarding dosing marijuana tinctures for managing your symptoms.

Get High-Potency Cannabis Tinctures

At medical dispensaries, you can find a wide range of high-potency marijuana tinctures. Different tinctures have different levels of THC and CBD, thus they provide different medicinal effects. So, based on your medical needs, you can buy tinctures.

To access the state-licensed dispensaries, you require a doctor’s recommendation. With telemedicine technology, you can apply for online 420 evaluations at Chino Hills. The process involves three simple steps-

  • Signing up for an account
  • Seeing a doctor online through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receiving MMJ recs in PDF format through email

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Tinctures

Tinctures are cannabis extracts containing alcohol or glycerine as a carrier. They can be used as an alternative to smoking. You can take them sublingually, where they get absorbed through the blood vessels in the mouth. So, sublingual absorption delivers cannabinoids into the bloodstream directly and provides instant medicinal effects. You can also mix tinctures with your favorite foods and beverages, but this way, cannabis may take longer to kick in.

To ease your symptoms completely, you should carefully dose cannabis tinctures. We recommend you start slow and closely monitor the effects on your body. Moreover, buy tinctures with optimal levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.
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