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July 30, 2020

How To Enjoy The Summer Indoors Using Cannabis

It’s time to take out your swimsuits and lather loads of sunscreen. Summer is here with its bright sun that doesn’t seem to stop shining. With temperatures rising through the roof, it’s time to think of something that will let you beat the heat and have a relaxing time. So how are you planning to spend your summer? Going to the beach? Resting in your pool or just by staying indoors and enjoying the fresh air conditioned air? Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, I guess staying indoor would be the best option. Sounds boring? Well, I have an idea that will make this summer a blast even if you are not going beyond your main door. Can you take a guess? It’s cannabis. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your home to buy cannabis or get an MMJ card in Chino Hills. Everything is possible from the safety of your home.

When I say that cannabis can improve your summer experience, I do not mean by smoking joints and binging on brownies to get a couch locking high. Cannabis can improve your summertime in more ways than you think. Here are a few ways that you can follow to relax in the summer while indulging in cannabis. 

Use cannabis before a relaxing day by the pool

Whether you own a lavish pool in your backyard or a small inflatable pool, either way, you can have a relaxing time and some beautiful golden tan. In the summer heat, soaking in water can give the much needed relief. Now it’s not possible to visit a public pool or gather friends for a pool party. It’ll be like calling for trouble during the pandemic. 

So while enjoying the cool water at home, cannabis can be the right partner for you. Just before you enter the water, have a smoke session or munch on an edible some time before you jump into the water. Cannabis is very helpful in calming the body and mind. It will relax your body of any stress and calm your mind by eliminating all troubling thoughts. You will enter a calm and relaxed state and your overall experience will be enhanced by spending the day in the pool.

Have your own cannabis garden at home

Do you know what’s a relaxing activity that you can enjoy in the summer? Gardening. And not with fragrant lavenders, dandelions or shrubs but with cannabis. If you live in a state like California that allows homegrown cannabis, don’t miss out on the chance. Get yourself a bag of cannabis seeds or immature plants and grow them in your garden or indoors if you like. If you already have an MMJ recommendation in Chino Hills, you can even grow up to 100 square feet of cannabis. 

It will be a great pastime for the summer. Caring for the plants will take up your time and also improve your mental state. Gardening is scientifically proven to be a stress buster. It will relax your mind, improve your mood and give you a sense of control. In addition to this, you will never have to buy cannabis anymore. Just a trip to your cannabis plants and you can restock anytime. 

Cook up some delicious recipes with cannabis

When the outdoors carry a risk of infectious disease and also a rising temperature, how do you spend your summer evening indoors? Not by sighing and wishing for a better year but by cooking with cannabis. 

In recent years, cannabis edibles have grown in variety. From the regular brownies to popcorns, chocolates and even popsicles, you can find all types of food items infused with cannabis. And the best part? All you bored souls can even make these edibles at home. Just grab some good quality buds or tinctures and incorporate them into your recipe. You can either choose a regular recipe that you enjoy frequently or go online and find hundreds of new and exciting recipes from experts. Just be very careful of the dose. Contact a professional or your doctor of the right amount. In case you can’t get hold of any, start from the low dose of 5 milligrams or less. After testing the potency, you can adjust it later in a new recipe.

Also, remember that cooking with cannabis is easy but you also need to avoid making some common mistakes like not decarboxylating your buds or cooking at high temperatures. Get a hang of the process and start cooking your own cannabis edibles. 

Make refreshing cannabis beverages

Cannabis can also be infused in beverages. What can’t be infused with cannabis nowadays right? If you visit a dispensary, you’ll find all sorts of cannabis beverages. Tonics, coffee, tea etc. and that too in many different flavors. You can either order them to your home or make some in your own kitchen. It’ll also be a relaxing pastime for you. Beverages are easier to make than edibles. Within a few minutes and you’ll have a refreshing cannabis beverage to accompany you by the pool or in the balcony. You will be able to enjoy a calming high without engaging in smoking or alcohol. If you have some more time in your hands, you can even try brewing your own cannabis beer at home. Yes, that is a thing. All recipes are easily available online. So start experimenting with cannabis beverages.

Consume cannabis with your friends while staying indoors 

If you don’t like the idea of going in the sun then enjoy the summer while staying indoors and that too while hanging out with your friends. If not physically, you can get together with all your pals on a digital platform like a zoom call. Since the pandemic, video calls were the only way to stay connected with close friends and family. So this summer, continuing with the social distancing measure, avoid the heat and COVID-19 by having a session with your friends on a video call. This will be a great idea if you live in an area with a high number of COVID-19 cases. It’s also a good way of avoiding sharing of joints, edibles or stashes and increasing any chance of exposure to the disease. 

If you wish to make it more fun, stay on call while playing online games. It’s a great way of living through the summer without getting bored or leaving the safety of your home.

Beat the heat with cannabis topicals

Staying in the summer sun may give you the glowing tan you need but it also exposes you to a number of skin problems like blemishes, dark spots, sunburn or skin rash and itching like eczema. If you suffer from any of these conditions, cannabis topicals can help ease the symptoms. Cannabis has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that can help relieve the burns, rashes or marks. 

You can apply the cannabis topicals directly to the affected area and you’ll experience the benefits without any high or side effects. 

So which way will you use cannabis to improve your summertime? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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