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May 27, 2020

How to Make Your Cannabis Last Longer During Lockdown

Cannabis is an essential for many in the US. Recreational or medical, the dependence makes it important to have an interaction with the outside world. But even as the restrictions ease down, most people are still apprehensive about crossing their front doors. Thankfully, getting an MMJ Card in Chino Hills has become more convenient than ever.

You can stay in your bedroom and have your medical card within a few minutes. Online orders are also an option to maintain minimal interaction. While adjustments have been made to keep consumers safe, even you can help yourself by extending the use out of your stash.

So whether you are looking to keep trips out of the home to a minimum or save a little money with cannabis, here are a few tips that can help you keep your stash last longer.

Lower Your Indulgence

This one is a no brainer. If you want to see your stash jar full for longer, lower the use. The lesser you take out from the jar, the more you save for the future.

Overindulgence is a very common scenario among cannabis users. Most people like the high feeling and try to be in that state all the time. It’s not only cutting your stash faster and draining your savings but also setting you up for harm. Long term use of cannabis paired with overindulgence damages your body and mind. Also, if you are increasing your sessions thinking that your medical condition will become better faster, you are thinking the wrong way. A smaller amount will do its job just as effectively as a higher dose would. The only difference is that while the former practice will save your stash for longer, the latter would only increase your dependence.

So, it is best to try to reduce your sessions if you can. Don’t get greedy and follow a dose that is enough for you to achieve the desired effects.

Try Different Options

Another way of keeping your stash for longer is by increasing your options. If you indulge in only one type of cannabis, bring other cannabis products into the picture.

Give edibles a try. There’s a whole lot of variety in edibles. Gummies, chocolates, popcorns, cannabutter, mints, brownies and cookies are some of the many options you can find in a licenced dispensary. Edibles take longer to show effects but have longer and more potent effects. If not edibles, try weed drinks. They come in different flavors and types. Sublingual stips, tinctures and even bath bombs are some other cannabis products that you can try. Having many options keeps you from draining yourself of just one type of cannabis product and makes it easier to conserve your stash.

Also, try consuming a different strain than your regular one. If you prefer a high, try other strains with a higher THC content. Try a different terpene profile too as this change may deliver better effects on a lower dose than your regular strain.

Start Cooking With Cannabis

Nowadays, more and more people are trying to cook with cannabis at home. Not only is it more convenient but you also have the liberty to try recipes other than brownies and cookies. Cooking with cannabis at home can be a great pastime to kill the quarantine blues. But in addition to kicking the boredom, homemade edibles allow you to extend the use of your stash.

Edibles are more potent and deliver stronger effects on the body for longer. This will lower your cannabis use and let you make more use out of your stock. The best part about cooking with cannabis is that it allows reuse of cannabis. Take your Already Vaporized Buds (AVB) and add it to your recipe. It is already decarboxylated and can be used to infuse yogurt, chocolate, butter etc. These edibles will not have the same potency as the non-vaped cannabis but it is still enough for some effects.

Cooking edibles at home is also a cheaper option than buying from the dispensary. So you can save a little extra cash too with homemade edibles.

Try Giving Yourself a Break

If quarantine has made you question your cannabis use, why not take advantage of this time and take a break.

You may already know about marijuana tolerance. With time your body becomes tolerant to the cannabinoids. As the tolerance increases, the dose has to be increased too. Individual factors decide how fast or how much tolerance you develop. So if you need to save up your stash, take time to observe your cannabis lifestyle. Are you using more than what you did initially? Are you overindulging in cannabis? Are you always high? If you answer any of these questions in affirmative, taking a t-break may be a good option right now.

A tolerance break needs determination and focus especially if you are already stocked up. But it will all be worth it. If a sudden break is not possible for you, try weaning away by lowering your dose slowly over time.

Get Better At Storage

If you are storing your cannabis carelessly and in improper conditions, your stash won’t stay fresh or even worth using for longer. It is time that you pay attention to how you are storing your cannabis especially if you are looking to make your cannabis last longer.

If you have a lot of stock that needs to be stored for longer, avoid opting for plastic bags. Plastic doesn’t prevent the smell from leaking and the static removes the precious terpenes causing a decrease in potency. The structure of the buds also suffer in plastic bags. Move over to airtight glass jars instead. Keep it in a cool and dark space. A slight change in temperature and humidity can affect the potency and develop molds. Similar conditions apply to edibles or else their shelf life will decrease. And such cannabis products are not usable without health risks.

Have Your Own Plant

If you want to keep cannabis for longer, there is no better option than growing your own plant. You will have your own supply and that too for a long time. No more trips to the dispensary and no more worries about restocking. Just an initial investment and you are sorted. As long as you maintain the right conditions for a healthy cannabis plant, you will have a supply right in your home.

Many cannabis consumers decided to have their own plant during quarantine to kill the boredom, save money and stay safe indoors. Get yourself a plant too because it’s not too late to have one today.

So which option do you think fits your lifestyle? If you find these ways useful, spread the word and let others benefit too.

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