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April 29, 2020

Reasons Why You Didn’t Feel High After Consuming Marijuana

You have high expectations after hearing all your friends’ experiences and are ready to have your first puff. You just completed your 420 evaluation and bought yourself a rolled joint. So you light it up, take a few drags and nothing happens. You don’t feel high or anything close to it. So what’s wrong?

First of all, it happens with many first timers. Whether you are a recreational or medical user, consuming marijuana for the first time may have no effects at all. So if your first puff wasn’t as you had expected, don’t panic or get disappointed. You just need to pinpoint the cause and work on it. This blog is to acquaint you with all the reasons that could be the possible causes of your ineffective first cannabis experience. Read along and see if anyone of these reasons can apply to you.

Quality of your cannabis

The first thing to question if your buds or edibles don’t work is the quality of cannabis. To be sure of your stash it is always best to buy from a licensed dispensary. They have properly labeled products with all the information about the strains and their chemical profile. Also, you can rest assured that their products will be tested from reliable sources and thus are of high quality.

However, if you rely on some other source, chances are you didn’t get the worth of your money. So to avoid this situation you must know certain tips and tricks. If you use dried flowers, learn how to differentiate between good and bad buds. Also, avoid buying ground buds or pre-rolled joints from illegitimate sources. There are chances that it includes other plant materials and herbs that will not show any effects on the body. In the case of edibles, tinctures, concentrates and other cannabis products look for labels and lab results.

You don’t know what effects you are looking for

How can you aim for something when you don’t know what you’re aiming at? Cannabis is used for a variety of reasons. Its multifarious effects are the reason why millions of people in the US rely on marijuana. But, this variety can also be the reason why you are not able to identify its effects. Maybe the cannabinoids are working but you just don’t know how.

This ignorance can also cause you to choose a wrong strain which may be the reason for its ineffectiveness. All strains have a different chemical profile. The most common way of determining the profile of a strain is by its THC and CBD ratio. If in case you choose a high CBD strain, you won’t feel any intoxicating effects. This may make you think that cannabis is ineffective. This is why you must consult a marijuana doctor or a licensed dispensary as they can help find the right strain for you.

Your body can be the cause

The human body performs an array of functions that vary from person to person. This is why it is important to understand that what worked for others may not work for you, even cannabis.

There is something known as the first pass metabolism. If you are using cannabis edibles, there are chances that its ineffectiveness is due to this process. First pass metabolism means that the concentration of the cannabinoids is significantly reduced by the body processes. As a result, you will not feel the effects as you should after a dose.

If you have been dealing with a medical condition or are using prescriptions, it can be the cause of the ineffectiveness of cannabis. Your body produces a plethora of hormones and certain medical conditions may increase the production of some chemicals. These chemicals may act as a barrier between cannabinoids and the receptors. Also, some prescriptions can interact with the cannabinoids and reduce its effects. So you must consult a licensed physician in either of these cases.

Delivery system

Cannabis can be consumed in different ways which are known as the delivery methods. For example, smoking, vaping, edibles are some of the many delivery methods. Each of these ways is processed in the body differently. This is why they deliver effects varyingly and are used as per preference.

Your choice of method may be the reason why you don’t feel the effects. Your delivery system determines the bioavailability or the rate of absorption of cannabinoids in your body. This is why smoking works instantaneously and edibles take time to show effects. There is also a probability that you chose to smoke without much contemplation. As a result, your technique isn’t right and you are not able to inhale the smoke correctly. So your joint is not able to deliver the effects as it should be.

So consider opting for a different method if you feel that you can benefit from a change.

Your dose is too low

Before you start to use cannabis, it is advised to go small and slow. This is called microdosing. It is important because every individual has a different dose requirement. So it is advised to microdose to avoid overdosing. But if you started low and did not feel any effects, it is possible that your dose is too low. So keep microdosing in mind and increase your quantity by a small amount and try it again after at least four hours.

You are not giving it time

Not everyone will feel high with cannabis in the first try. It can either be one of the causes I have already mentioned or that you are not patient enough. Cannabis can take time to show effects. Not necessarily hours but even days and several tries. There are cases of people who were able to experience the effects only after the fourth or even sixth try.

This can be due to the fact that your CB receptors are not sensitive enough yet. There isn’t much research on it but this insensitivity could be a cause of genetics, a medical condition or even medications. So you may need to give a push to your endocannabinoid system and let cannabis build up in the body. With continuous use, the CB receptors may get back to normal and become sensitive to cannabinoids. But this would require patience and some tries. However, if you find no success with this method too then it is possible that your genetics make you immune to cannabinoids. It is rare but probable.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis is known for its unpredictability. Its effects are very subjective to the individual who uses it. This is why it is possible that it worked for others while you had an ineffective first session. So whether it’s you or a friend who is experiencing this situation, use this list to find the cause and right the wrong.

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