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October 15, 2020

Tips to Stay Responsible While Celebrating This Holiday Season With Cannabis

So, the festival season is upon us. And we all are looking forward to it, right? Well, I definitely am. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas- it’s gonna be real fun again! And for those who have just got their medical marijuana recommendation in Chino Hills, it’s an opportunity to celebrate this amazing time with cannabis. Cannabis can surely enhance the holiday fun twofold.

However, whether you are celebrating your holidays at home or out with your friends, we want you to stay responsible and safe. You may be thinking of adding a cannabis touch to every occasion with the help of marijuana-themed costumes and cannabis-infused edibles. But while doing so, we suggest you follow these tips to keep things as risk-free as possible.

Store and Serve Edibles Resposibly

While enjoying this holiday season, you may think of adding a canna-touch to your sweets and other foods to make them interesting. In fact, consuming cannabis edibles might be your first choice if you are a medical user and have a medical marijuana card in Chino Hills. This will have you have your regular dosage and also add to your holiday enjoyment- killing two birds with one stone.

However, while working with marijuana edibles, you must not forget that they are adult treats only. And you need to keep them away from children in any situation. Only use marijuana edibles in adult-only parties. And for added safety, always store them in a child-proof container or a place where kids can’t reach them.

Stay Low And go Slow

This rule is perhaps even for the time when there are no holidays. And maybe you are doing it already. But during the holiday season, the excitement level is at an all-time high. And given this, the chances of overconsuming the herbs are very significant.  Hence, we suggest you stay safe by consuming less and going slow about it. 

If you are an experienced consumer, you most likely already know how to follow this rule. But if you are a newbie, here’s how to do it.

You should always start with a minimum dosage of marijuana when you are trying it for the first time. And slowly increase your dosage until the time you start feeling its effects. Furthermore, sometimes, it may take some time for the effects to set on you. So, you should always wait for enough time between two of your dosages depending upon the way you are consuming it. Usually, with edibles, you may have to wait even for longer.

Avoid Mixing it With Alcohol

When you are enjoying at a party where weed and booze both are available, the chances of crossfading are obviously very high.  And you may also think of doing this experiment in the hope to get something fun out of it.

Well, in the beginning, it perhaps won’t look like a big issue. But the studies show that if there is alcohol in your blood, it may open up your blood vessels, and thus allow more THC to enter into your system. This phenomenon can very easily lead to “green out.”

Have Proper Marijuana Manners

Visiting someone’s home for a party? Have some manners and send a quick message to them asking if they would allow smoking marijuana at their home. This would show them that you respect them and their house.

If your host is generous enough to give you a nod, when you reach there, ask them for a dedicated spot away from the kids to light up your bud. Also, always keep some extra to share with others.

Never Drive When High

As I said, during the holiday season, you’ll be out partying a lot. But the one thing you should never forget as a responsible cannabis consumer is- Never drive when you are high.

Yes, marijuana is legal. But driving under the influence is not. And doing so may get you in serious legal trouble, including confiscation of your MMJ card.

Plus it’s not just about rules and laws only but your safety too. See, no matter how much you deny it, cannabis does impair your senses. And driving under the influence can be dangerous for you as well as others out there. Having said that, you must not drive if you are consuming cannabis.

Cannabis and holidays is surely an amazing combination. And by giving yourself a cannabis treat, you can make your holiday season a lot better. However, staying safe with the herb during this time is also very important. The tips given above can help you be responsible with your marijuana intake this holiday season.

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